4 of the best iPhone digital signage apps

Mobile signage solutions are becoming more popular by the day. The ability to control your displays from your phone makes for increased flexibility, and control.

Steven, digital signage specialist at Videonations, explains that “mobile devices enable you to be really dynamic with your content. You can even create content on the fly on a phone or tablet these days.”

This piece takes a look at some of the best digital signage apps for your iPhone, and other iOS devices.


Signage player is a free application that allows you to push content designed on your computer to as many big screen screens as you want. To use the app, you need to first of all open a free account on the web platform of the service. After this, you can register the app with the username and password generated. Successful registration of the app will associate your device as a remote station, allowing you to control the presentations displayed on your screens.


Embed Signage

Embed Signage is another popular free (limited) digital display app that can be downloaded free of charge from the app store.  The app is only free to use for 28 days and can work with a variety of signage screens, such as Apple TV, Samsung SOC SSP D Series Displays and ONELAN devices.  The app works best with displays that support NFC.

Bright Spin App

With the Bright Spin App, you can easily interact with locally networked signage straight from your iPhone or iPad. Using the app, you can update menu boards, retail installations, emergency messages and a lot more.

The app offers a simple interface for your phone or tablet, facilitating connection to a local network and triggering presentations, transitions or other events.

With the Bright Spin app, your displays are detected automatically, and from the interface you can control the presentations in display in real time. You can also add event triggers directly within the app and manage diagnostic facilities for each unit.  The app also supports password protection if you choose to use it. It is a complete mobile digital display solution.

iDS Kiosk

iDS Kiosk is a signage app from Four Winds Interactive, which can turn any iOS device into digital signs or an interactive kiosk.  There is no trial version for the app, and it costs $19.95 to get it from the app store. This app is different from the others in this piece as it doesn’t control digital signage screens, but rather it turns your iPhone or iPad into a digital display.

All of the apps above work on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch running iOS 6 or above.  They also require Wi-Fi connectivity to work properly. The iDS Kiosk can also work via mobile data networks. With 4G connectivity averaging over 14mbps, mobile broadband connectivity is certainly up to the task these days.

When you purchase a solution from a company like Videonations you will normally get mobile apps with the package. These are bespoke designed to integrate with the technology they serve, and so complete a fully integrated, comprehensive, flexible signage system.