Assurance for Privacy and Peace of Mind

Digital privacy has become important in an era where phones have turned to virtual personal assistants. LEO Privacy Guard is an Android app that promises to offer exactly this. This LEO Privacy Guard review will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the app.

A Lock for All Your Apps

LEO Privacy Guard provides you with a lock for every app, whether it is the Play Store to keep your kids from downloading expensive games or your gallery to hide your private photos from nosy friends. The application will open up to the main interface after you have successfully installed it and set up the password or pattern, and from there you can choose the different apps you wish to lock.

LEO Privacy Guard makes it possible to also hide specific content on the phone rather than just apps. For instance, there is a private message feature that keeps certain messages hidden, and an option to lock specific images rather than the whole gallery.


The application offers different modes for keeping different groups of users out. The default guest mode is designed for keeping everyone out, but you can create a kids mode for restricting the kids’ access to certain apps like the Play Store or a friend’s mode for setting the limits with friends.

The app automatically locks the selected app whenever you lock the phone. The user has to input the passcode or recreate the pattern before accessing the locked apps. However, when you unlock an app it stays open even after you exit but do not lock the phone, so care should be taken to lock the phone after use.

Creative Themes and Covers

LEO Privacy Guard adds a touch of creativity to its interface with its app covers. There are four covers to choose from depending on your tastes and preferences, and you also have an option not to choose any cover. Some of the covers are cartoonish, and this comes as a surprise welcome for users who like animation.

More than Just Privacy

LEO Privacy Guard offers more than just privacy. It comes with a speed boost feature that cleans your phone’s RAM to make it run faster. It gets rid of all unnecessary files and logs to free space, and you will not apps launch faster after running this feature.

It also features another section for protection. This feature does not protect against malware and virus, but rather shows you crucial apps that need to be locked for optimal security.

However, despite all these features, LEO Privacy Guard does not change any administrator settings on your phone. In fact, permission has to be given to perform anything, whether it is locking certain apps or cleaning the RAM, so you do not have to worry about the app invading your privacy either.


LEO Privacy Guard presents itself as the ideal app not only for ensuring your phone’s privacy but also for improving its performance. It goes beyond protecting whole apps so that users can select specific files, images, messages, and other content to keep private for greater peace of mind. Leo Privacy Guard is easily available on Play Store and is compatible with many Android phones.