Audials Player Review – Enjoy Radio and Podcasts For Free

Do you want to listen to some of the most wanted radio stations on your mobile? Do you want to entertain yourself with exhilarating podcasts? Do you want to record your favorite content as it comes by?

Well, there’s an Android app called Audials Radio that can play radio as well as a podcast for you. And, the best part? It’s FREE with no hidden charges!

Features of Audials Radio Podcast Player That Make it a Top-Notch Player

Audials player 2

I won’t brag about the awesome features of Audials player, but I would definitely highlight what it really does.

#1. 80,000 Radio Channels

Audials player 3

How many radio channels are available in your locality? 5? 10? 20? Audials supports over 80,000 Radio Channels. Some of them are BBC Radio, NRJ Hits, Dummy, Virgin Radio, 181.FM, Radio Bop, NJOY Radio, POLKSTATION, Offshore Music Radio. I bet you will forget your local radio stations once you lend an ear to these top radio channels. This huge database of radio channels is the main feature of Audials. You might even find your favorite channel in the list!

#2. More than 100,000 Podcasts

A Podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for streaming or downloads. Podcasts usually come in series. Audials features over 100,000 of Podcasts, which come in various categories such as Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Games, Health, News, etc. There’s a unique “Suggestions” feature that suggests awesome Podcasts for you to try.

#3. Love them? Record them!

Your traditional radio lets you listen to a melody only once. The chances of you listening to the same music on the same radio are very less. Audials has an extremely useful “Record” feature which will record your favorite moments of any available radio station. Record your desired song and play it anytime in the “Recordings” tab found on the app’s home screen.

#4. Clock Radio

Audials player 4

Do you want to wake up with the tunes of your favorite radio station? Activate the Audials Alarm Clock, set the time and the desired station, and Audials will greet your new day with your favorite songs!

#5. SD-Card Support

You can transfer files to and fro from your SD card with Audials. Note that this requires you to Sign into the app.

#6. Works on almost every device

Besides its Android App, Audials is available for PC, iPhone, iPad. They even have an app specially made for Windows 8. Therefore, Audials will seamlessly sync between your multiple devices!

#7. Sleep Timer

Let Audials be your sleep mate. Set a sleep timer on Audials by which you intend to sleep and it will stop playing once the time is elapsed.

#8. Manually Add Stations

Find a channel that’s not on the list? You can manually add it to Audials. You need the URL of the radio stream, .m3u or .pls file for this to work. You can input any of these within the app, or you can open the URL in the browser for Audials to catch up automatically.

#9. Change Screen Theme

Never get bored with the same old UI. Change the color scheme or the radio lists styling on Audials, and refresh your experience.

#10. Zap Seamlessly Between Stations

Audials player 6

Just swipe and change the radio station! No other app allows you to do this as fast as Audials does.

#11. Airplay and Chromecast Supported

Surprisingly, Audials is the only Android app in the music category that supports Airplay. Chromecast too is an excellent product, and its compatibility is a significant advantage.

#12. Equaliser

Audials player 5

You will need this, many times! Even though the Equalizer is just 5-band, it’s pretty useful.

#12. Wireless connection

Audials Anywhere allows you to connect your smartphone to your computer. Wherever you are – you can enjoy the awesome audials experience.

Why You Should Choose Audials and Not Anything Else

Let me highlight some reasons why Audials is the best among its competitors.

  • It’s FREE. No fees, no hidden charges. You don’t have to pay anything to listen to the radio, the station owners do!
  • It doesn’t risk your privacy. Since it’s free, you might doubt it steals your data to misuse it. Well, it doesn’t. Take a look at the app permissions, you will find that it’s all fine!
  • Tons of features. Works seamlessly across the device, recording feature, SD card support, Chromecast support, Equalizer and above all, a massive list of radio stations. What else do you need mate?
  • Smooth play. Trying Audials on a 3G Internet connection, I can say it works like a charm without any issues. The sound clarity is good, the background noise is null and the experience is satisfactory!

Cons of Audials

Every coin has two sides, and so does this app. Here’s what I noticed on the negative aspect of Audials:

  • The homepage looks a bit empty. It could have been made If your device screen is large enough, you will find empty space at the bottom, and if the screen is quite small, you might find that the text size is quite unreadable too. I would wish that the developers look into this.
  • 5-band equalizer is great, but it could have been better. It would work without issues, but there’s still a gap for improvement.
  • The app assures cloud storage function in the description, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the app.
  • Adding a manual station isn’t easy. You might find difficulties with it.

How to Get Started With Audials?

  1. Download Audials from Google Play.
  2. Let it download and install. Once done, open the app.

Audials player 1

  1. Before trying anything, I would recommend you to sign in first. Signing in allows you to store data on your SD card. The sign in button is at the bottom of the page.
  2. The home screen is basically divided into Radio and Podcast. Choose whatever you like, and enjoy listening. Whenever you want to change the song, press on “Zap it”.
  3. The button on the top right is a goldmine of features. Don’t forget to spend some time with the settings and features.

Final Verdict

Audials Radio Podcast Player is indeed an awesome Android app. I downloaded this app just for testing, but I can tell honestly that I liked it, and I am not going to uninstall it. Audials works like a charm for me and has all the features I need. Very few radio apps are as good as Audials, and if they are, in most cases they are not free.