Best cases you can buy for your Samsung Galaxy S6

It won’t be wrong if we say that Samsung is one of the best smartphone manufacturers. Not only do they manufacture smartphones, but they also manufacture tablets and other things like smart watches etc.

But most of all we focus on the flagship series of Samsung i.e. Samsung Galaxy S series that is known to release phones with some amazing specifications that sets industry standards for the term “mobile flagship”.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 which is Samsung’s 2015 flagship is an amazing phone that is known to have some great specifications. Samsung made some huge changes in the whole phone while releasing it. While they dropped the polycarbonate body, they added glass back with a metal phone chassis which gave the phone a premium feel and look. But sadly they lowered down the battery of the device and to justify this they mentioned that they have provided quick charging which charges the phone blazingly fast.

You can obviously figure out that a phone as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S6 provides amazing support to whatever you might do. You can use it to shop online, to work, to make calls, to snap pictures but keep in mind that all this requires battery and you need to have enough juice to do all these tasks. In such cases you can use a Battery case for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

In this post we are going to share some battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 that will help you have some extra battery juice for your Samsung Galaxy S6 in case you are in public and not able to find a charging point. This case will prove itself worthy in such situations.

4200 mAh Power Bank Case for Samsung Galaxy S6


This case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 not only provides protection against accidental drops but the 4200 mAh extra battery provides much more battery backup as compared to the original device battery.

This case comes in various different versions and colors which are Black, White, Blue, Green and Champagne Gold as seen in the image above. In my opinion, I find this case much more valuable as compared to other normal cases as this case provides protection and also removes the battery inferiority that Samsung Galaxy S6 suffers from. But yeah we do agree that these cases add to the device bulk but it is expected as the battery quantity is increased.

Having this case is better than having one of those bulky Samsung Chargers with you wherever you go.

PowerBear® Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Case


PowerBear is one of the known companies when it comes to battery cases. They make amazing power bank battery cases not only for Samsung Galaxy S6 but also for many other devices like the iPhone etc.

People can close their eyes and go with PowerBear if they feel like as it is one of those famous brands in the mobile accessories segment. This case comes with 4200 mAh battery juice which is about 125% of what you get on the phone. Not only does the case looks good, it also provides some protection. You can see that on the back of the case you have LED indicators to mention how much juice you have left and the button besides that will start charging your Samsung Galaxy S6 as soon as you hit it.

This case comes with 24 months warranty so you can have it fixed if you face any problems – which in my opinion is very unlikely.


All in all these battery cases provide some great value to your phone and same is the case with this mobile case for Samsung Galaxy S6. Now you no longer need to travel with a charger with cables that get tangled and messy with you all the time as you case will do the charging job for you!