Take Advantage of the Best Gaming Keyboards – Read our top 5 list

Pick your best gaming keyboard!

Are you a gamer? Want to play your games smoothly? Searching for a gaming keyboard? Our list of top 5 gaming keyboards can help you. Play games like never before. Press keys in a buttery-smooth manner. Just go through our top 5 list.

1. Corsair Vengeance K95 gaming keyboard

Corsair Vengeance K95 is worth the top-spot in our opinion. Why? The keyboard has a powerful mechanical design with great features. It has media keys that provide you great speed and control. The keyboard lets you enter the gaming mode by pressing just one button.

It has the high key rollover (KRO) feature that allows you to press many keys at once. On the left, there are 18 customizable keys that enable you to record up to 54 record sequences. Moreover, it supports 2-year warranty that lets you obtain a new keyboard, in case your keyboard suffers from any damage. Corsair is a mechanical keyboard that contains great Cherry MX Red switches. These switches give you the best gaming experience due to the low actuation force and fast reaction times.

2. Microsoft SideWinder X4 gaming keyboard

Microsoft SideWinder X4 is comparable to Sharkoon Skiller in terms of features. The main benefit of SideWinder over Skiller is that the former offers a high key rollover value than the latter. In addition, your profiles are automatically switched, while playing games or programs.

The keyboard comes with a built-in in-game recording button, which permits you to make new macros. In addition, the keyboard offers 3-year warranty and LED backlighting. It supports 26 key rollover and automatic macro repetition.

3. Sharkoon Skiller gaming keyboard

Sharkoon Skiller offers you strong and ever-lasting keys. Each key is guaranteed to last up to 10 million presses on it. The keyboard presents awesome customization. You can program each key with three different functions and timings from Internet with media profiles.

The keyboard offers 18 key rollover that enables you to press 18 keys at once.  It has WASD key replacements including key puller. The keyboard comes with high-end customization software and 20 additional multimedia keys. It is one of the best gaming keyboards on budget in our opinion.

4. Logitech G710+ gaming keyboard

Logitech G710+ gives you Logitech’s supreme customer support and excellent warranty (3 years). The keyboard provides 26 key rollover, which lets you press and register 26 keys simultaneously. The keys are registered with utmost accuracy, once you press them. Thus, you don’t need to worry about big key combinations.

The great media keys let you remain focused on your gaming. Also, the keyboard lets you create macros and assign them to the six G-keys that are present. In addition, the keyboard has a good looking design.

5. Logitech G19s gaming keyboard

Logitech G19s is one of the most advanced gaming keyboards in our opinion. The keyboard has numerous high-end features, brilliant customization options, and an LCD display panel. The LCD display offers real-time updates for your games.

The keyboard has a game panel that lets you view your statistics, system information, and video playback. The keyboard supports 6 key rollover that lets you press 6 keys simultaneously. There are 12 macro keys that allow you to tailor your keyboard for various games.

Though a high-end keyboard, G19s is a membrane keyboard and not a mechanical keyboard. This one drawback propelled us to place it at number 5 spot, despite its great features.

So, this ends our top 5 gaming keyboards list. Want to make any additions? Tell us which is your favorite gaming keyboard?