Best PrestaShop Hosting Provider in India – MilesWeb

Having a website is the basic requirement of today’s tech-dependent society. You need to have an online presence to get yourself exhibited to the global market. As a result, websites and blogs are now the latest trends in the online market as these are the best medium to mark your online presence. But before you design a website for your best interest, you need to buy or reserve a place for its residence in the online world, and this home address is provided by a web hosting server also known as web hosts.

What is the meaning of the term web hosting?

Web hosting generally deals with buying a server, place where all your contents, cookies, blog comments and other information gets stored. There are many web hosting services who offer their valuable services to the customers. MilesWeb is a big name in this domain that has been providing reliable services to the website owners for quite some time.

What is MilesWeb and what is the concept behind it?


MilesWeb is such as web hosting service which is quite compatible with the latest web designing software, PrestaShop. Now the important question is when there are numerous or rather say millions of web hosts in the server world of internet why one should choose MilesWeb’s PrestaShop hosting.  The reasons are many or never ending, few of which are highlighted below:

  • MilesWeb has options for all domains

Hosting is finding your domain name, the extension which will redirect your search engine towards the website. MileWeb has flexibility for all domains stating from .net, .com, .in and .org. However, the price may vary with respective extensions. You just need to search your domain name over the drop down menu and then check for the availability. Just the way you need to do while setting up for an email address. So, finding an appropriate domain is very easy and time-saving as well with MilesWeb.

  • Shifting to MilesWeb is easy

MilesWeb is the latest sensation for the past few years in the web hosting domain. So, if you have already assigned with another not so happening web host and are completely dissatisfied with their services, then you can easily shift to MilesWeb and take their high-quality services. MilesWeb has options for Domain transfer, website transfer and free of cost e-mail transfer and DB’s migration.

  • It has several lucrative hosting packages

MilesWeb has several options in the hosting packages starting from web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and several others. All these hosting and their packages come with unique and highly advantageous attributes. To be precise, these have Space coverage, bandwidth limit, inbox capacity, RAM, disk space and much more. Most of the plans cover maximum areas of the user requirements and give unlimited benefits. All of the packages are discussed in detail in a chart format and are displayed on their official website. You can directly tally them side by side and then can easily select your preferred package from them.

Other tempting features of MilesWeb which will keep you hooked to it

  • Instant money back policy

This is a beneficial policy of this authentic web host developed for the ease of their users. If you are not interested in the services, then they will instantly refund your money and that too within a notice period of 30 days. However, there are very limited reports of money backs as MilesWeb never fails to turn every single stone to satisfy their valuable customers.

  • One click installation of updates

All the features of this web host are easy to install and operate and are only one click apart. Being in the comfort of your home, you can swipe and click the updates pop-ups and get yourself directed with a single finger click.

  • Compatibility with software

When it comes to compatibility, MilesWeb has no competition. Prestashop tools, configuration and other attributes are quite compatible with MilesWeb. Hence, web designing with PrestaShop when conducted under this web host turns out to be perfect and completely hassle-free.

When thinking about web hosting, you can blindly rely on MilesWeb and its outstanding services. When you are with MilesWeb, their friendly and efficient customer support, quality services and troubleshooting techniques will guide you in every aspect of web designing and developing.