Bill Gates- Making a difference

Though the great technologist retired from Microsoft in 2008, this has not stopped him from rendering his services for the greater causes in the world. He and his wife, Melinda Gates are running the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation that has to be the greatest and richest philanthropy projects in the world and one of the most prestigious organizations in the world.

Spheres in which the Bill and Melinda Gates organization is making waves:

  1. Global Development division, which aims to uplift people out of poverty and ensure the eradication of the hunger crisis in the world. Their main aim is to guarantee that no one, anywhere in the world goes to bed with a hungry stomach.
  3. United States Division, works mainly to provide education and change the entire way of teaching and learning in high schools in Washington. It also provides support to the families who cannot afford the privileges of education and aims to improve the literacy of the nation.
  4. Global Policy and Advocacy Division which seeks to build long term relationships and encourage policies that trigger progression in the work.

The biggest philanthropists of the world

Contrary to the belief, the organization does not work for a single cause that is upliftment of the poor people, instead it works for various global issues and tries to use technology and knowledge to find permanent solutions to various problems. It is a very inclusive foundation which features the work of just about anybody, be it a technician, teacher, reformer, anyone who simply is passionate for whatever cause they are working for and can find innovative solutions to persistent problems.


Having not just a big bank balance, but also a big heart Bill Gates an incredible man, who will not be satisfied just with personal achievements. He is one of those few people who find happiness in seeing others happy around him and his organization works to do exactly that”

Bill and Melinda Gates, both of them as philanthropists have a futuristic vision of the world. Often, the business life and the philanthropic life of Mr. Gates goes hand in hand. Their one critical goal is to give birth to an ingenious brain child that will shape and solve the problems in a fast advancing society.

The organization believes in working at the grass root level and tacking problems at the local level. Their aim is to change the world by becoming a global phenomenon which is rapidly happening as the organization reaches new heights by helping and influencing millions of lives all across the world.