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Spy apps free to track a mobile and to keep everything controlled

With so fast advancement in the technology, modern cell phones have turned themselves into real mini-computers. It is not a secret that many people use smartphones to maintain illicit relationships and exchange forbidden messages, some children also misuse their phones for reading and watching inappropriate content. Therefore, it becomes inevitable for people to track cell

Assurance for Privacy and Peace of Mind

Digital privacy has become important in an era where phones have turned to virtual personal assistants. LEO Privacy Guard is an Android app that promises to offer exactly this. This LEO Privacy Guard review will enlighten you on everything you need to know about the app. A Lock for All Your Apps LEO Privacy Guard

Audials Player Review – Enjoy Radio and Podcasts For Free

Do you want to listen to some of the most wanted radio stations on your mobile? Do you want to entertain yourself with exhilarating podcasts? Do you want to record your favorite content as it comes by? Well, there’s an Android app called “Audials Radio” that can play radio as well as a podcast for

How Can Forex Apps Help You Make Money With XFR Financial?

Getting started with the world of trading forex can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before, but it is actually easier than you might think, and with forex trading apps you can actually make decent money. There are a lot of different forex trading apps to choose from for both Android

10 Viber Tips and Tricks for 2015

Viber is one of most used calling and IM apps around the world and people love it for the features and functioning that it has. Launched back in 2010, it provides more than what apps like WhatsApp have to offer. From various different emoticons to stickers that you can customize and send. Viber has it