Quickly Access Your Preferred Files/Folders With Circle Dock

This post contains the significant details of Circle Dock, freeware to easily access the files and folders of the PC.

In today’s world windows are being used by everyone where most of them find that hierarchical folders and Windows Explorer is very instinctive way to accessing files and organizing them. For them it is better trying something different, however, there’s Circle Dock. This attractive desktop enhancement would let the users to arrange files in a very helpful way to organize things. It is a submission to create a dock on your Windows desktop very easily and quickly it provides a fewer options with which you can easily arrange on how the program is going to look and behave. However, with this application you’ll get all the arrangement settings and pick another type that would change the entire look with just a click. Circle Dock can come and go or disappear on the screen wherever you want and so that you can work on computer happily and comfortably with no stress.


Circle Dock is zip file. This program is recommended to all the users as it uninstall and install without any difficulty. It seems attractive, consisting of a light blue color with a bubble-like graphic in the middle. After using this program it actually makes the user to feel simple and easy. They can right-click on the dock to folder stack, file or special item. Objects can also be dragged and dropped onto the dock from the Windows Explorer or desktop. There are many options for modifying the dock and its objects, from adjustment to icons and animation to size & shape etc. Circle Dock is an innovative way to organize folders & files, and it is fun checking out if you would like to experiment with desktop upgrading.

Features and Abilities of Circle Dock

Some of the notable features and abilities of Circle Dock are as follows.
• Rearrange folders quickly.

• Option to alter the evasion image for the icons.

• Friendly with other Windows versions.

• Organize and reorder the dock items with new change interface.

• Easily rotate with arrow keys and mouse.

• Built-in support Windows HD Icons.

• Highly customizable.

• Supports multi-languages.

With Circle Dock you can download your favorite program which is absolutely free of charge, original, well-designed and fully customizable application that enables you to modify and rearrange the icons just the way you like it. This utility will allow you to create a round or oval dock anywhere on the desktop, where you can begin a line of shortcuts to any element hosted on your computer system. The dock can be completely configured to change the look and can apply skin or add windows alternative.

This awesome program can be hide when it is not in use and you could adore with its unlimited shortcuts, folders etc. As it simply needs to be unpacked and run .exe, installation process is not required. It is compatible with virtual desktop and multi-monitor which loads excellent customization features. Out of all, it can be completely controlled with the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.

What is your opinion about the portable freeware, Circle Dock to access the favorite programs on PC? Let me know through your comment.