DealGuru Website Review

We all know that online shopping has become trend and necessity for some of us. Unless necessary who would want to go in unnecessary traffic when you can get the products sitting at the comfort of home. The products get delivered at the home that too sometimes lesser than what we get in the market.

Ask me bazaar is an online marketing portal where the buyers are offered with different varieties of products. They have different categories of consumer goods namely: Apparels, Bags, Art and Decorative Items, Cosmetics, Footwear, Furniture, Jewellery, and Mobiles.



The site offers discounts to the consumers for the products purchased. The site is new in the market, however by offering such varieties and better service would be able to survive in this market.Deal Guru is a section of Ask me that deals with different kinds of deals.

How DealGuru Works

The reason that Ask me bazaar has come with the sub section of Deal guru is Ask me bazaar is a normal shopping portal whereas the Deal guru is the website offering the discounts. Deal Guru follows the process where it goes to every shop and company for their excess inventory. Excess inventory are the goods that are occupy the company storage and the products that have not been sold and waiting to be discarded, however are still in perfectly sellable condition. The price is comparatively lower than the official retail price because it is under the clearance sale section.

Deal Guru deals with the discounted offers and therefore the,Deal Guru. Except for this section, everything else is like any other e-Commerce website. You have a virtual cart where the customer can put the stuff you but and he will be charged while checking out from the portal. After the order has been placed in Deal Guru, a staff will call you back to confirm the order that you have placed.

Who can Buy and Sell?

Anyone can buy and sell their stuff on this website. Just a nominal fee is charged as a transaction charge.

What is the transaction charge?

The delivery is free, but there might be some charges which are included within the selling price. There is the processing charge to deliver your product which is included within the order price, and is a negligible amount. After making the payment customer just has to sit back and relax till the product arrives. The order can be tracked by the customer.

The deal guru is an economical website where the customer and the seller both benefits. The seller can discard the unwanted products and the buyer gets the best deals sitting at the home.

The cost and quality of the products the customer gets is trustworthy as no other middlemen are involved in these transactions. The brand ambassador for this website is Kanguana Ranuat the renowned female actress. The website is new in the market and is growing day by day and if it maintains the standards would also do that in future.