EaseUS Disk Copy & Partition Master – Disk management programs review!

EaseUS Partition Master – the perfect replacement for the disk management tool that comes by default in Windows. If you have ever used the Disk Management Tool that Microsoft has developed, you would know how hard it is to use, and the user interface is just not easy to use. This calls for a replacement disk management tool that you can use instead of the default one, and this is where EaseUS Partition Master comes in.


But sometimes you need a solution to take some backups as well. In those cases, you can just use EaseUS Disk Copy, which is a free disk cloning software. In this post, we will be taking a look at the features and overview of the EaseUS Disk Copy and EaseUS Partition Master both. Both of them are pretty nice software, and the latter one can be used as a free partition manager

What can we do with EaseUS Partition Master& Disk Copy?

EaseUS Partition Master

The EaseUS Partition Master is a perfect replacement for the default disk manager in Windows and comes with many useful features that one can use to perform disk tools like copying a partition, making new partitions, resizing partitions, etc.

This is a really handy tool that you can use just to have a better alternative to the already existing tool on Windows.

EaseUS Disk Copy

The EaseUS Disk Copy is the perfect solution for times when you want to copy a full disk without missing out on anything. It allows you to copy and take a backup of a whole partition and a disk as well which is nice.

It also allows sector level cloning which means you can copy files sector by sector from the source so if you have a damaged disk/partition, you can copy and take backups of important files.

Features of EaseUS Partition Master & Disk Copy

EaseUS Partition Master

The EaseUS Partition Master, as I mentioned above, comes with many features like resizing an existing partition, making a new partition, migrating a whole OS to SSD, etc.

EaseUS Disk Copy

The EaseUS Disk Copy comes with features can be used in times of emergency or to perform data backup from hard disks and partitions. This comes with sector by sector copying which helps you in copying files in case an HDD is suffering from bad sectors.