Get Some Idea On How Car Valuation Made In India

Buying of cars is an expensive decision. There was a time when owning a car was considered to be a luxury. Today, things might have changed and cars may have become an item of necessity for most of the population world over, still they are a big investment and people have to save and plan their finances carefully in order to buy a car. One of the simplest ways through which one can save a lot of money on buying a new car is by selling off his or her old car at a great value. There are many different ways in which car valuation India is done and many factors which affect the final deal price, source. Some of the most popular ways of car valuation in India include the following:

Doorstep Vehicle Valuation

The first and the most common and popularly used ways of getting car valuation India done is doorstep vehicle valuation. In this method the owner of the car seeks the services of a certified and qualified car engineer, who come over to the place of the car owner, checks the papers and the condition of the car physically and then based on his or her assessment, gives a fair valuation for the car. The biggest advantage of this method is that since the entire valuation of the car is done right in front of you, therefore, you can give your input about the various aspects of the car and ensure that the car does manage to get the highest possible valuation. However, when using this technique of valuation, you need to make sure that the engineer you are calling over for the valuation has the necessary qualifications and certificates for making this car valuation.


Online valuation

There are many online sites present, which act as intermediaries and help the car sellers in meeting the car buyers. Besides providing a platform where buyers and sellers of the cars can meet each other, these sites also help the seller in finding the fair value of his or her car. There are car valuation calculators present on these sites where the seller of the car has to simply fill in a few basic details of the car, like its date of manufacture, number of miles already run by the car, model and make of the car, city where the car is being sold and from where it will be sold, etc. On the basis of these factors, the calculator computes a fair value of the car. This is not the final price at which the final deal between the seller and buyer is struck, but it forms the basis for the negotiations between the two parties to start.


Sellers Self Assessment

Another method often used by Indian car sellers for doing their own car valuation India is that they base their demand price on the basis of their own personal requirements and assessment of the condition of the car. They take into account other car deals of similar models which have taken place around them and use the final selling price in those deals as a basis for the valuation of their own car. This method is hardly scientific, and the chances of a wrong valuation tend to be very high. Use of this method generally results in the seller demanding a very high price for his or her car, as a result of which they are not able to get many responses and in the end they end up making an even bigger compromise and selling their car at a rate which is much less than its fair value.

Using a proper car valuation India method for assessing the value of the car is important as it gives the seller confidence that the price that he or she is demanding for the car is not unjustified and therefore, they are able to negotiate more strongly and confidently with the buyer. This comes in real handy when dealing with a very smart buyer who would challenge the demand price of the car very strongly and force the seller to cave in to his or her rate, especially if he seller has any doubts about their own valuation of the car.