Get Your Instagram Photos in Beautiful Physical Prints

If you could print your Instagram photos, wouldn’t it be amazing? The idea of simply seeing your own Instagram photos in beautiful copies is so relishing. Now, you can turn this idea into reality through the amazing

What is

Inkifi is a contingent of hugely innovative people who take immense joy in printing your Instagram photos. Their prime job is to collect your requirements (photos) and provide you extremely gorgeous physical copies of the same.

It is important to note that they means they utilize to print your photos are completely environmentally sustainable. And, in order to ensure the same to the perfection, they only create their prints on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved papers. In addition, they are committed to utilizing only recycled materials for getting your photos printed.

What are the available different prints?

There are a number of prints that you can get your Instagram photos printed into. Also, the large array of prints allows you to choose the prints as per your requirements, since each one them can serve one specific purpose or the other.

You can try Square Prints that are 4 X 4 inch in size. You can always have these square prints displayed in a scrapbook or even have them pegged up. There are Mini Prints also that are available in 8.5 X 5.5 cm size. The best thing about these is that you can always add a little note or caption at the bottom of these prints.  These are available in the sets of 20, 40, 80, and 120.

You can go for Framed Prints, which are immaculate options for holding your beautiful pictures. In this, you picture gets printed on a great quality photo paper and you can transpose from 1 to 25 of your Instagram photos. Or else, there are Photo Prints that are created on premium smooth fine art paper and you can use up to 25 of your pictures per print to create that much needed masterpiece of yours.

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How about Canvas Prints? These are great to adorn your wall, so that when your friend sees it next time, you are showered with praises. A Mini Book is also a nice print to have. If you have a mini book consisting 50 of your Instagram photos, you can always leaf through it and remember the good times happily.

Similarly, there are other numerous excellent prints including Vintage Prints, Mini Squares, Magnets, Acrylic Prism, Poster, Greeting Card, and Business Prints. You can have any of these to decorate your living room, bed room, drawing room, or office. There are just too many tremendous options for you to cherry pick from.

Download the Inkifi App

With everything getting customized and tailored according to smartphones these days, how could Inkifi be left behind? Thus, they have also launched their free downloadable app for all the users of iOS and Android. This means, you can simply download the Inkifi app and place your order from your smartphone directly. No hassles at all in printing your photos!

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Final Verdict

An innovative service of its own, Inkifi is really in a league of its own. The products they offer and the prints they give you are just gorgeous with top notch quality and magnificent appearance. So, there’s absolutely no point in waiting any longer and miss your beautiful prints even by a second. Try Inkifi right now!