GetResponse Review – What makes this email marketing tool special?

We are today living in the world of internet and emails have become an inseparable part of our lives. Whether we are working or not, we are used to sending our emails to our friends, family members as well as colleagues on a regular basis. The ease of use as well as the ability to convey information in the most secure as well as simple manner is what makes emails special. Emails can be seen as an instant means of communication and its usage today is not limited to any particular field or area. This is due to the reason that we come across emails from tech supports, corporate, marketing as well as communication fronts on a daily basis.

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Needless to say, emails have also become highly useful in the process of internet marketing. With more and more businesses finding space for themselves over the Internet, there is a greater need for these businesses as well as service providers to maintain relationships with their desired as well as a prospective customer base. When I talk about internet marketing, I am not only referring to the posting of information across several social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.; rather I am also referring to the usefulness of emails in this entire process.

Yes, internet marketing conducted through the use of emails is often termed as email marketing and today it has become a very crucial part of all businesses. With their services being provided on the internet, there is need for service providers to keep their customers well informed about their future ventures, their upcoming offers, general updates, discounts, deals and also about their products and enhanced services over time. For this purpose, it is very important for these companies to have their hands on the most effective email marketing tool out there.

Today, I am going to discuss one such email marketing tool that has been of great help to me in fulfilling my goals and in managing an effective email marketing campaign for my business. I know there are lots of email marketing tools out there and probably you have also used many of them. However, today I will be reviewing an email marketing tool that has helped me to some great extent in making sure that my email campaigns were focused in the right direction.

A brief Introduction to GetResponse Email Marketing tool

In the world of internet marketing as well as email marketing tools, GetResponse is a relatively new name but looking at its popularity, I can definitely say that this market campaigning tool is here to stay in the long run.


GetResponse tool comes with its own share of features that are hard to find in any other email marketing tool that the internet is abuzz with. Below are some of the truly commendable features of this email marketing tool.

Ability to customize newsletters

As an internet marketer, I was very happy to have finally found an email marketing tool which gave me the power to customize the emails as well as newsletters with utmost ease. Even though GetResponse comes with its share of predesigned templates and designs; it provides all users with the power to customize the newsletters and campaigns before sending them out to the desired audiences. This has helped me in adding my own ideas, themes as well as a personal touch to the emails that I am sending out. Needless to say, emails and newsletters with a personalized touch are more effective in communicating the right message as well as intention to the customer base. The best part about this tool is that it enables you to customize each as well as every part of the template with the help of an easy to use and understand HTML editor.

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A/B testing

A/B testing is yet another commendable feature of the GetResponse email marketing tool. This feature has helped me in getting a better insight regarding the effectiveness of the email marketing campaigns that I was running. It has helped me in getting the most out of my campaigns by providing me with real-time information and analytics.


The GetResponse email marketing tool also comes with great analytics section. This section has helped me largely in analyzing the data instantly in real time soon after sending the campaign emails. As soon as the customers/ users will open my email campaign present in their respective emails, I will get an instant response or reaction from them. GetResponse also comes with Autoresponder 2.0 which enables me to automatically send emails to any particular subscriber or a group of subscribers.

Pricing of GetResponse email marketing tool

Fortunately, GetResponse is available for absolutely free of cost for the time being so that you can check its effectiveness. Its basic plan starts at $15 for 1000 subscribers. This plan goes up to $450 for 10,000 subscribers.


I have used many email marketing tools like AWeber and many others but in the long run I always go back to GetResponse due to the features that it has to provide. I really like the Analytics and A/B Testing, which combined together, gives me an ultimate tool to make my campaigns successful.