How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive

All of users know well about the importance of the recovery software as lost data is getting more frequent in daily work. The scanning engine can help users recover lost data when they deleted data accidentally or lost data from virus attack. In certain situations, users may lose favorite files due to accidental formatting the flash drive such as USB drive, SD card and CF card, which are unable to recover by computer operation system. The third-party recovery software needs to be adopted by users to provide scanning function so as to retrieve the deleted data. One of the most efficient recovery programs is Coolmuster Data Recovery that is compatible with various computer operation systems. So, it is strongly recommended software which supports Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista. This program is the safest option to utilize for the recovery of deleted files. If you need to restore lost data, photos, videos from formatted SD card. This program also shows great performance in recovering photos from Micro SD Card.


Users can go ahead to download the latest version of Coolmuster Data Recovery on the internet. The processing of download and installation of the program takes only few seconds. But the problem is that most of users are green hands on correct recovery procedure. In fact, for all accidentally deleted files, users can use this program to retrieve them totally unless the deleted data in flash drive has been over written by new data. As the reliable recovery software, Coolmuster Data Recovery can performance effectively and efficiently on any kind of flash drive even they can cope with serious damaged flash drive partitions and sectors. Before using this recovery tool, in order to make sure that the deleted files can be recovered permanently; users need choose the proper functions to cross check its availability by scanning the deleted and destination location such as FAT table, tracks and magnetic head. The program interface can indicate the options to make users clearly enter the exact location in the tool bar where the deleted files are placed. Accordingly, users can create the targeted files to store them in another healthy drive or hard disc once get them back.


The motto of the Coolmuster Data Recovery providers is to fulfill the customers’ requirements and needs by providing excellent solution to the problems. This program has been reviewed and recommended by most of industry experts and it has been applied in various industry areas. Although loss of files from flash drive is regarded as common situation in daily work processing, it is better for users’ computer to equip with Coolmuster Data Recovery in advance in case important data lost suddenly. Compact Flash cards like MMC, SD and XD are well known as flash memory card to store various formats files. Up to this point, users do not worry about format issue as this program can match well with almost all kinds of file formats. For example, even SD card is corrupted; the program can restore the damaged tracks in flash drive, then fast recover deleted files from USB flash drive. In doing so, this program can help users save much time and money in reusing flash drive.