HTC One (M8) Review – Impressive Things You Need To Know

Last year, HTC impressed its fans with HTC One with premium features and once again it proved its trustworthiness through HTC One (M8). Get the significant details of this elegant HTC phone through this review.

HTC One (M8) is an outstanding flagship smartphone that is taller, slightly wider with metal chassis at back and curved corners with a single piece of aluminum. Because of its innovative features like excellent hardware and superb performance, it is termed as the best Android phone in the world with a number of reviews and feedback worldwide.
Let’s further discuss its specifications and features.


HTC One (M8) Review

HTC One (M8) Specifications

Display – Full HD 5” Super LCD capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and HTC Sense UI v6 protection

Weight – 160 grams

OS – Latest Android version (Kitkat 4.4.2)

Processor – 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

Camera – 4 MP auto-focus Dual LED Flash primary camera and 5 MP HDR secondary camera

Memory – 16/32 GB internal memory with 2 GB RAM that could be expanded up to 128 GB using Micro SD slot

Connectivity – 3G, Blutooth 4.0, NFC, Infrared, Wi-Fi, USB and GPRS

Battery – Li-Po 2600 non-removable battery with excellent talk time.

Some of the stuffs of HTC One M8 that need to be specially reviewed are as follows!

Detailed review of HTC One (M8)

Camera:  HTC’S Ultra-pixels Just Got Smarter


HTC One (M8) Camera

The camera on the HTC ONE (M8) is arguably the most important part of this phone. The HTC ONE (M8) has an original camera hardware devoted for camera lovers. Duo camera setup and ultra-pixel sensor in main camera can capture lots more light than the other sensors in the competition. It has got a front facing 5MP Camera with HDR capability, BSI Sensor and the ultra-wide angle lens that is capable of 1080p full HD recording. Despite the less megapixel count it has fast shutter speed and auto focus ability, if we go into further details then the secondary rear camera basically captures depth information. The pixel size is 2 micro such that each photon has got more light and thus it does better low light performance than many other smart phones in competition. The duo camera technology mimics the stereoscopic vision capabilities of the human eye –two independent lenses allow it to detect and calculate the relative distance of subjects in the image.

Brushed Metal Design

The HTC One (M8) features a bold, brushed metal design. The internal components stacked to inside allow a mere 9.35mm (0.37’’) thin construction and an ergonomic, curved shape that naturally fits your hand with an ease and comfort.

HTC Boom Sound

HTC One (M8) has a Boom Sound feature that gives the volume output reaching 95dB. The phone comes with Harman Kardon’s Clari-Fi technology, which can restore quality of a compressed audio.

HTC SENCE TV: a whole new TV browsing experience

Now with HTC One (M8) your phone can be used as a smart remote control to find shows based on your own viewing preferences. It also has a graphic guide feature which can make you gaze through what’s on and trending, all the real time updates just at your fingertips.

Live Social Media and Sports updates

Like every other smart phone HTC ONE (M8) also provides live social media updates. You can connect with your Twitter or Facebook account anytime and anywhere. But in addition to social media updates, HTC one has set a benchmark in live surfing with its new SENCE TV SPORTS feature. Now you can get real-time sports updates and up-to the minute alerts. You can easily keep a track over every stat, every play and every score.


The phone has sold by Harman Kardon AE-S in-ear headphones. They are made of plastic and have a premium look that delivers a clear and deep audio. The ear tips are comfortable and will fit our years with a tight grip. The listeners can cycle through the music, as well as make and receive calls because of the in-ears feature, in-line remote and built-in mic.

Advance Display

The HTC One has a 5-inch, 1920 X 1080-pixel LCD display, which produces larger than life graphics and mesmerizing visuals.


Gesture Control: Unlock your phone in just a swipe also raise your phone till eye level to launch the camera with this gesture control feature of HTC ONE (M8).

Flip to Mute: Now with HTC One (M8) you can mute your ringtones by just flipping over your phone. There is freedom from operating through settings every time.

Hands Free Calling: With this feature you can make or receive calls with just simple voice commands.

Unique Features of HTC one (M8)

Following are the features that make HTC One (M8) unique

1. Gorgeous industrial design with tremendous performance.

2. Fantastic display and high-resolution camera.

3. Made up of metal materials with solid battery life.

4. First smartphone that features a duo camera to capture in-depth images.

5. Quick access to settings and Boom sound feature.

Price details of HTC One (M8)

The price of this spectacular HTC gadget is about 50,000 INR (approx. $790) and it is available worldwide.


HTC One (M8) is a premium Android phone with unique features. It would impress the users not only with its premium design but also with its camera, user-friendly interface, powerful configuration and BoomSound speakers. Supporting Indian LTE bands is another imposing feature of HTC One (M8). It deserves the reward “Worth buying device”

I hope you’ve well engaged with the amazing features and finest specifications of HTC One (M8). Do share your thoughts!