Make Money From Your Blog With Infolinks

The internet has been a good source of income for past few years. With more and more bloggers and developers coming into this field, it is expanding at a great pace. While Google AdSense remains the most popular platform for earning money on the internet, there are few alternatives which work perfectly fine.

Infolinks is the top alternative of Google AdSense and in many terms it is equal/slight higher than the AdSense.

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is basically an advertising platform that offers ad solutions to bloggers, advertisers, and publishers. Infolinks is considered as one of the best ways for earning money in the online world. It is easy to use and one can easily integrate Infolinks to their websites in just a minute. Infolinks is currently working on over 100,000 websites and in close to 128 countries.

Process of Working

Infolinks used to follow the hover and click method or more popularly known as Pay per Click method but, now it uses a new method known as Pay per View. Let me make it clear. According to the Old Infolinks System, you will have to integrate Infolinks to your website.


Now, whenever a user will hover over the Infolinks, an ad will open or appear. Now, when a user clicks on the ad, you get paid. So, money for every single click which means Pay per Click.

The old system was three step process but, the new method is a two-step process. Now, again you need to integrate Infolinks with your website. However, the difference is that earlier, you were paid for a click but, now you will get paid for every view.

In simple means, the visitor needs not to click on the Infolinks but, he just needs to view it. So, View per Pay.

Infolinks Ad Units

• Intext Ads

This is the most common type of Ad unit. In this type, Infolinks are hyperlinked to a specific keyword or a series of keywords on a website. The best part about Intext Ads is that they look like a normal hyperlinking rather than an ad which results in a better CTR or what can be considered as earning. You can change the colour of link, you can set whether you want to show double or single line below the keywords and you can even decide how many numbers of links you wish to show on a page which means you can customize the ads as per your needs.


• Infold Ads

This is also an effective ad which appears only when it is needed. The visitors are introduced to an unobtrusive overlay ad which looks weird. This ad is effective but, not as much as Intext ads which mean you can turn it off. This is also a unique feature of Infolinks which allows you to show only those ads which you want and hide the rest.

• InTag Ads

The beauty of this ad is that it shows the most important and relevant keywords at the selected positions. This means the ad looks like a blog tag thus resulting in a better and higher CTR.


• InFrame ads

This type of ad basically uses the spare and unused areas at the left and right side of the site and shows the most relevant ads for the content. This is the best type of ad if used properly and with little smartness.

• InScreen Ads

These ads are pop-ups which come when a visitor open the web page. These type of ads can also be easily customized.


Infolinks Referral Program

There is an Infolinks referral program going on where you can get a maximum of 10% on whatever your referral ID earns in his first 12 months. Let’s suppose, you signed up for the Infolinks referral program and the user who used your link to sign up for Infolinks earns $100 in his first 12 months.


Now, as a part of this referral program, you will get $10.

Final Verdict

Earning money is not an easy task but, it can be made easier by using Infolinks. With the referral program, you don’t even need to do anything apart from referring your friends to use Infolinks with your link. If you are looking for an effective way to earn money in the online world, Infolinks is the tool to opt for.