Life of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was the co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc.  He was an American entrepreneur and technology enthusiast person.  He is a great inspirational personality for all of us. Just read his interesting and successful life story here.

Earlier life of Steve jobs

Steve Jobs was born on Feb 24th 1955, for unmarried couples. He was adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs, when he was a baby. At his age of five, his family moved from San Francisco to Mountain view, California. Paul was working in an electronics company and he used to demonstrate the rebuild electronics such as Radios and televisions. So Steve jobs became interested in technical interfering.

While pursuing his studies in high school, he enrolled in Hewlett-Packard Explorer club and he was very impressed with demonstration of new products. He saw the first computer at the age of twelve and wanted to work with computers. On one instance, he boldly asked some electronic parts to the Wozniak, President of Hewlett-Packard to complete the school project. This activity made Steve to get summer internship in Hewlett-Packard.

Steve Jobs’s College history

Steve jobs joined Reed College in Portland, Oregon for two years. He was not much interested in studies and so he visited India with his friend Dan Kottke for a spiritual trip. After attended some religious gathering, he returned back to his place. He joined as a technician in Atari inc, California and was greatly motivated by the founder of the company Nolan Bushnell. Then he convinced Wozniak to quit his job from HP and requested to work with him. They both worked together for a special project in 1975 to complete a deal and sold scientific calculators to increase the capital.

Entry of Apple in the world

In the year 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs formed a company and named it “Apple Computer Company”. It was named in the memory of their time spent in picking the apples. In 1980, Apple had finished releasing the three improved version of personal computer. Later years, the Apple Company struggled a lot with marketing problems and new competitors like IBM.

End of Steve Jobs in Apple

Then Apple introduced a revolutionary model called Macintosh in the year 1984. The failure of Macintosh made Jobs to resign from Apple. Then he hired some former employees to start a new computer company named “Next”. This computer had some good features like good processing speed, exceptional graphics displays and so on. But it had some cons such as expensive and could not be linked to other computers.

It was not the end of Steve Jobs; he purchased a small company named “Pixar” for filmmaking purposes which had specialized in animation. After nine years, Pixar released a huge box office hit film “Toy story” and some successful films were also released after that.

Re-entry of Steve Jobs in Apple

As the Apple purchased the Next software in the year 1996, Steve Jobs returned to Apple as a part-time consultant. Hope this might be the reason for the Apple to become the partner of Microsoft. The two giant companies continued to introduce several products. After the release of iMac and iBook, Jobs became the permanent CEO of Apple.

End of Steve Jobs

In 2004, Steve Jobs diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour and admitted into the medical treatments. But due to hormonal imbalance, he underwent a liver transplantation in 2009. He resigned from Apple on Aug 24th 2011. Finally he passed away on October 5th, 2011 at his California home.

His entire life story is motivating, isn’t it? What do you feel about this inspirational person? Share your thoughts here.