Microsoft places its bet on “Titanfall”

It is no wonder that the gaming console Xbox from Microsoft Corporation is one among the best in this business. Now that the company is planning to launch Xbox One, there is news that the Titanfall game is supposed to give a blockbuster launch to this latest edition of gaming console to be launched by Microsoft.

Microsoft has always been in competition with Sony and this time as well, the Play Station 4 is going to make the worldwide business more challenging for Xbox One. Titanfall is a sci-fi combat game and Microsoft is placing its bets on this game for boosting its sales this time. Looking at the anticipation being built by this news, retailers across the world are also trying their best to boost the sales by hosting more than 6000 midnight Xbox One launch events.

When contacted over email for an interview, the head of marketing and strategy at Microsoft’s Xbox group, Yusuf Mehdi said that Microsoft was placing a really big bet on this game. He further added that the company is expecting Titanfall game to give Xbox One a blockbuster launch throughout the world.


This highly demonstrative game is slated to go on sale Tuesday onwards and it will available for both PCs as well as Xbox One at $60. Titanfall game is set in a war- torn urban setting and players will have the liberty to go as soldiers or take control over large robots. Loaded with impeccable graphics and game play, Titanfall is surely something worth investing in. Developed by Respawn Entertainment & published by Electronic Arts, Microsoft is planning to make this combat game available for the older versions of Xbox gaming console as well. However, gamers across the world will have to wait till 25 March, 2014.

In order to ensure that this strategy will work for Microsoft, the company has been promoting the Titanfall game at South by Southwest. It is the annual gathering of filmmakers, musicians and other experts from the tech industry. This famous cultural gathering is now undertaking in Austin, Texas. All this excitement on the company’s behalf is surely going to impart anticipation among gamers across the world.

It is a well known fact that Microsoft is always in competition with Japan’s Sony. Lately, Sony also announced that it has managed to sell more than 6 million PlayStation 4 gaming consoles by the beginning of March this year.  This announcement was made by Sony last week and thus this newly introduced strategy from Microsoft comes as no surprise. According to reports from NDP Group, the market research firm, Play Station 4 has managed to beat Xbox One in the United States and hence has bagged the position of being the top selling gaming console during January this year.

Both Play Station 4 as well as Xbox One was launched in November last year and reports suggest that there has been no announcement about the number of sales on Microsoft’s behalf since January. However by the end of 2013, it was said that the sales of Xbox One has crossed 3 million units. Microsoft has priced Xbox One $100 more than the price of PS 4, which is $399. As a combination, Microsoft introduced Xbox One and Titanfall at $499, thus providing the game for free of cost.

Earlier Microsoft launched Halo, another sci-fi game for Xbox in the year 2001. It is anticipating to watch if Titanfall could create the same effect that Halo did.


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