How mobile technology improves gaming and brings entertainment on the go

Smartphones have always been the pinnacle of technological improvements. Whenever there is a new laptop out, we compare it with smartphones but a few years back, laptops and computers were the only things that were capable enough to get through the entertainment part in our routine. Well, the time as changed as the smartphones have become the ultimate device for entertainment, be it games or movies, smartphones has excelled in both of these.

You might think that it is so much bragging about smartphones. Well, let’s look at the top reasons why Smartphones are perfect for entertainment.

1. Gaming

The days are gone when smartphones were as good as Stephen Hawkins, genius but most of him didn’t work. Smartphones in earlier days were so terrible that they weren’t even capable of playing games that a low end smartphone can play now. As time flew by, smartphone companies started to mature so does their products and one of the major improvements were seen in the gaming sector. Earlier, a 100 MB game was too heavy to play on a so called smartphone. Now, we have real racing 3 which is of more than 2 GB or take the FIFA 16, which is just brilliant to play. All these improvements have made today’s smartphones, a real joy to work on.


2. Betting

You can not only play different genre of games, but also do something realistic like flying drones or you can even do betting using your smartphone. Betting and gambling have always been one of the most enjoyed games through the years and yes, you can do both virtually with fake money as well but you probably might not have known about real gambling opportunities awaiting on your smartphones. If you are looking forward to place your bets, then you definitely want to visit SBObet. They offer huge opportunities and they will definitely not give you a chance to complain as their prizes are real and they make sure that your prizes reach you as soon as possible.

3. Screen Casting

Did you know that you can cast your screen to any smart TV or LED TV or anything like that with just a tap on your device? Well, all you need is a TV set which supports USB and a Google Chromecast device which is available at major online stores. The Chromecast connects your device to the TV and you can watch full HD videos on your TV as well as stream media directly onto the big screen. The best part about all of this is that you can multi-task as soon as you have put on a playlist and to do all this you don’t have to fall for any cables as this technology doesn’t use any wire.

4. Playing games that are on your Game station

Today’s generation is crazy about games like GTA V, Battlefield etc. which are played either on Windows operating system or on gaming devices like Sony Playstation or Microsoft Xbox. Well, game manufacturers have also started to roll out games for smartphones that were once enjoyed on the gaming devices, like GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas which have exactly the same game play that was there on the gaming device. Sony has also come up with an application which will allow you to play games on your smartphone as well as on your Playstation device and it will save the content so that you can enjoy the same game on both the platforms. This is one of the best things that have happened because of the smartphones as it is like having Playstation in your pocket.

5. Smooth multiplayer access with games

Till now, the only thing that a smartphone lacked was having smooth multiplayer gaming experience. Yes, there are multiplayer games but to be honest, the quality of the network or the smartphone’s wifi used to drop and it would just end abruptly. But, now we have smartphones that are not only smooth in terms of multiplayer games but also provides great feedback as the multiplayer gaming sector over smartphone platform is just increasing day by day. You can not only save the status of your game progress on the go but you can even know the status and the current progress of your games that you have been playing on your Playstation or Xbox. This is one of the most convenient features as you don’t have to go home and turn on your device just to know your score.

Therefore, Smartphone is not just for calling or surfing internet but it is much more than that and the day is soon when we will see smartphone replacing our laptops. The integration of smartphone technology in other devices will only become stronger in the coming future.