Movavi Video Suite Review

Nowadays, after the dawn of several easy to use, productive yet simple solutions, it has become a very simple task to create a video, that too without spending hours in front of your PC, managing video clips and tracks! In this post, we have decided to introduce such an awesome video editing solution for you — Movavi Video Suite — by checking out, how easy it is to create a video using Movavi Video Suite when you have required files and tracks in your PC or in CD or DVD. As the first part of this review, we will check out an introduction to Movavi Video Suite, exploring technical aspects of the software.

Movavi Video Suite

For the time being, you can download and use Movavi Video Suite only if you have a device running on Windows XP, Vista, 7 or the latest, Windows 8. When compared to other tools available for video editing, minimum requirements of system resources is quite low when it comes to Movavi Video Suite; if you have a device running on Windows 7, it has to have a 1GHz Processor as minimum requirement. Plus, unlike those heavy-sized installation files, installation file of Movavi Video Suite weighs only 145MB and the software offers availability in a variety of languages, meaning that it is not necessary to know English to use Movavi Video Suite. Now, however, we will move on to other aspects of Movavi Video Suite from the user’s point of view.


The User Interface

This is the most important thing about Movavi Video Suite! Unlike other video editing tools that consume a relatively huge amount of resources, Movavi Video Suite makes use of a simplified user interface! This interface, which creates less glitch in the user’s point of view, lets you edit videos in a matter of seconds. And the best part of Movavi Video Suite is that it does not consider your level of expertise when it comes to video editing.


Easier Conversion & Huge Set of Effects

Unlike other tools, easier conversion of project to widely used multimedia file formats is a noticeable feature we can find in Movavi Video Suite. Once you have completed the project, you just have to select the targeted device and the tool itself will find the most appropriate file format to which you should convert the project. Similarly, you’ll be able to export the project by burning the video to DVD or CD as well.

The Bottom Line

While recalling aforementioned features, Movavi Video Suite is undoubtedly the best video editing solution as far as you are concerned about intuitiveness of tool and productivity. Particularly, we loved its easier conversion methods and some of other aspects.