Ninja Blaster Review – Marketing Software

The need for Facebook marketing?

In the past decade, Facebook has rapidly risen to become the most used social networking platform in the world with more than a billion users worldwide. This means 1 person in 7 people is using Facebook on an average. This bug number of users on Facebook has not only benefited Mark Zuckerberg but also online and digital marketers. Google’s latest algorithm ranks links that are shared on social media better than the links that are not shared on social media. So online marketers are not shifting their focus towards social media and what better platform than Facebook to promote their business with over a seventh of the world’s population using the platform? This is the reason that a new category of digital marketing is fast springing up known as “Facebook Marketing” and new tools are being developed every day to help marketers market their product on Facebook. One such product that we will be talking about today is Ninja Blaster. So let’s get to it.

Ninja Blaster 1

The need for Ninja Blaster?

For those of you new to the Facebook marketing world, lets us introduce you to it. One integral part of Facebook marketing involves posting a lot of things on different pages and groups so that you can reach more and more people and that is exactly what Ninja Blaster helps you do. To begin with, you don’t even need the Facebook app. Just fill in your Facebook log-in credentials and you’re good to go. You can then proceed to design your post and Ninja Blaster lets you select the groups you want to post to from all the groups you are a member of. Not only that, you can also select the time interval between two successive posts through the software so that you don’t necessarily have to make your posts seem like spam.

Ninja Blaster Feature Analysis:

  • No Facebook app needed: Post directly into groups you are a member of on Facebook without the need to download Facebook app. Save time and efforts.
  • 70,000,000 photo posts, 70,000 downloads done: The sheer numbers show the app’s popularity and the efficiency.
  • Group joiner, unjoiner: Join and leave groups right from the Ninja Blaster app, no need to open Facebook in a browser and do the same. Just enter the keyword and Ninja Blaster will display the list of all the groups on Facebook that have the keyword in them or are related to it.

Ninja Blaster 2

  • Group poster: Post directly into hundreds of groups to have maximum reach for your post. Just choose from the list of groups you are a member of and select the photo or photos you want to post.

Ninja Blaster 3

  • Link poster: The link poster lets you post links to various groups and onto pages for people to see and access.
  • Gmail sender: Send 500 emails per hour to 100% authentic gmail ids. Ninja Blaster will find email ids for you to send email to and then helps you send emails too. Just type the mail once and select all the mail ids that you want to send the mail to. Hit Send button and you’re done.
  • Undetected by Facebook: If you’re worried that Facebook might report your posts as spam due to using this software, be completely assured that won’t happen. Ninja Blaster is not detected by Facebook so you can promote your business without any worries.
  • Keyword research and suggestions: Just enter the main keyword and Ninja Blaster will display a long list of long tail keywords related to your keyword. You can then target a particular group of people and get better results for your keyword.

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  • Image resizing: Resize images right from Ninja Blaster. No need to open a separate tool for resizing photos. Just select the photos to resize and then select the dimensions you want to resize the image to. In a matter of seconds, the image will be resized.

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With everything said, all the Facebook marketers reading this should definitely give Ninja Blaster a try. The software is available to download for free for a 3 days trial version after which you can pay to get to use more of it. The monthly package comes at a cast of $9.95 while you can save a lot of money by opting for the yearly package at $59. If you’d like to use Ninja Blaster for a lifetime, pay $97 and the software will be yours for eternity.

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We hope this review proved useful to you. Comment below with any queries or suggestions and stay tuned for more.