OLX – The best marketplace to Buy & Sell Products online

Technology has become so important that we cannot live without it even a day. Gone are the days when to sell something we take that to market. The digital era is here where buying & selling products happens on online.

There is a huge volume of people who have old products to sell or want to buy old products. The simplest way is to buy or sell anything online is using online classifieds sites.


What are online classified sites?

Basically online classifieds sites are the sites where you can buy or sell new/old products online. To sell you just have to post an ad with the product’s image, name, title, condition and price with your contact details. That’s it!

To by something you just have to search the product of your choice, read the details and contact the seller from the contact details given there.

OLX – One of the best Classifieds website online

OLX, the name which you might have heard if you watch TV, browse online or buy & sell online is the best classifieds site online. You can post your ads for free anytime to list them for sell. Moreover, it has premium subscription too.

OLX was founded in the year 2006 and it has grown up rapidly. It is now being used in over 105 countries available in 40 languages.

OLX Classifieds Mobile Apps Available on App stores


Now as the mobile user has been increased a lot, OLX has launched OLX Classifieds Mobile Apps so that the user who usage mobile phone can use OLX on the go and in a better way.

The mobile website of OLX is quite well but its apps are designed for better user experience by delivering better interface.

OLX App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, OLX App for Android, OLX app for Windows phone all are now available and they work well on corresponding phone operating systems.

Are you still using Mobile website of OLX?? Yes?

Don’t wait and start using OLX Mobile apps to enjoy a better user experience.

How to use the App if you want to sell a product?

– Click on the picture of the product you wish to sell from the app

– Include a brief summary of its features

– Estimate the price you want to charge for the product

– Provide your contact information

That’s it! Post the ad.

The best feature of the OLX App is that it gives you an option to share your ad with Facebook friends, Whatsapp contacts and twitter.

This app provides you an easy way to find products nearby you using the location of your phone. So if you want to buy anything you will always get the deal which is nearest to where you stay.

Get the OLX app today for your smartphone!