Optimize And Clean Your Computer with CCleaner

This post contains the key data of a splendid freeware to clean your system, CCleaner.

Tired of unwanted files and invalid windows registry? Planning on to optimize your system? Well, Crap cleaner or popularly known as CCleaner is made just for you. There is no doubt in a fact that CCleaner is the world’s most famous tool for clearing out temporary files, browser histories, memory dumps, log files and various other unwanted data. This review is for the version 4.16.4763.


How to download & use CCleaner?

CCleaner can be downloaded from their website www.piriform.com/ccleaner. There are three types of versions available. A free version which is restricted to privacy protection only. There is a professional version which is paid but does not include defragmentation and file recovery. And in the last there is a professional plus version which is also paid which include all the features along with hardware analysis. However a user can use the paid versions for a free trial of 14 days. Once you will download, you need to run the program and rest is just simple.


Why CCleaner is best?

Here are the following reasons that makes the CCleaner a better software,

Free and easy to use

CCleaner is totally free to use and is available for all the versions of the windows. A new public version 1.01 is also released for Mac OS X. It is easy to download and use. A beginner can start working on it without any instructions. Apart from this, it is small in size.

Select what you want to delete

Although CCleaner clears much data by itself but one attractive feature of this program is that you can select which file or folder you wish to delete. You just need to select or deselect the files as shown at the right side to delete them.

Keep important cookies

Another amazing feature of CCleaner is that you can white-list important cookies. CCleaner clears all the cookies by default but if you wish to keep some cookies, then it is also possible.


Delete individual files, uninstall programs and wipe drives at one go

Once you have downloaded CCleaner, then there is no need to open control panel for uninstalling a file or program. In the tool option you can uninstall or delete any file you want. Apart from this, you can also wipe out the entire drive from the same location.

Secured Browsing

Anyone can track your online behavior with cookies and your cached data & saved passwords would make you to get worry with security issues. This efficient program removes all such files and let you to browse in a confidential manner which would help you stay away from online frauds.

Improves system speed

As this versatile software removes unnecessary files, valuable space of your system’s hard drive would get saved. Moreover, it has ability to handle the registry in an organized way by defending them being cluttered with unused programs. Thus, your system will be protected from crashes and errors which would finally result in faster performance.

CCleaner Pros

• Small in size ((5MB) which is free and easy to use

• Available in the form of android app.

• Manage start-up programs and secure deletion of files.

• Include and Exclude custom files.

• No installation needed as it is available in portable format.

• Compatible with all the versions of Windows.

• Before making any changes to the registry, a backup file is created.

• Interactive user interface and regular updates keep coming.

CCleaner Con

There is no such specific or major con with CCleaner. However its download page is a bit confusing due to which it occurs that the program is costly but it is not.

Reviews of CCleaner

CCleaner has grabbed 5/5 stars from CNET editors and it was highly recommended and has been awarded as a must have tool by Team CNET. CCleaner won 2009 Editor’s choice award by CNET. Apart from that it is very much popular on FileHippo and Softpedia.

Final Verdict:

If you’re worried about the fact that your computer is slow because of temporary files and wish to have a software to tackle all the problems related to system optimization, then hail for the CCleaner.

Note: Always download CCleaner from the website as mentioned above. There are many other websites which are offering this freeware and they can have a malicious program and you might end up crashing your system.

What is your view about this tremendous freeware to optimize & clean your system? Share it through your comment!