Pinterest Hits 30 Billion Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Mnths

The growing popularity of Pinterest is unmatched. How I tell you. Since the service of Pinterest was founded the CEO Ben Silbermann has announced that Pinterest has more than 30 billion Pins. Within six months the number has grown to 50%. The users of Pinterest have also created more than 750million boards. The massive success of Pinterest will reach more billions with time.


Growing Pins million to billion

Though the initial days of Pinterest had 30 million pins and now it has increased upto 30 billion. There is a huge difference you can see in the number of Pins.  This difference can easily reveal the success stats of the Pins of the Pinterest.

The number of Pins has grown more than 90%  Related Pins whereas  the number of people who repin to Related Pins has grown up to 20%.

The Sibermann had compared curation to Pinterest which is already exsist in the globe. The collections of clothing, art in museums, photos and magazines are the collection on Pinterest. We use Pinterest for the multiple purpose like style inspiration, to-do-lists, wish lists and when it comes to considering some brands like Urban Outfitters has more than 24000 pins.

As Pineterst is becoming endearing day by day so the Pinterest has more responsibility to expose the information about the things of its users are pinning. According to the Silbermann, Boards are not all about containing images only but also about containing objects.

Traffic of Pinterest

As far as traffic of Pinterest is concerned the major part of traffic (75%) is coming from its native mobile apps. In 2013 the Pinterest has announced that mobile traffic grew upto 50%. In the US the Pinterest has 40 million users in a month. Apart from the traffic generated from mobile, the audience has contributed enough to drive good traffic from serious ad revenue.

As you all know the social sites try to find the way to success. Pinterest is also hitting the jackpot and able to market its worth. So the company introduced the capability of new guide search in its mobile app. The users can also create custom categories.

The increasing number of fan following can refine their search to get what they are looking for through typing  queries into the mobile app.