Sir Timothy Berners-Lee – An Incredible Innovator of The Present Age

An incredible innovator of the present age – Sir Timothy John Tim Berners-lee is also known as Tim Berners-Lee for short and nicknamed “Timbl” is the founder of “world wide web” and also happens to be the director of the consortium and also a foundation (by the same name) for the World Wide Web which currently overlooks the constant development of the web.

A student of the prestigious Oxford University in England, Tim burners-lee always had a love for electronic devices. He used whatever was available right from television sets which battered to an automobile battery to build his very own computer terminal.

After graduating in Physics from Oxford Mr. Berners-Lee worked with ”Plessey”  one of Britain’s major telecommunication company where his job was to work on the bar-code technology. For the next two years, Mr. Berners-Lee worked on typesetting software along with a multi-tasking operating system for the Firm Nash Ltd. Mr. Berners-Lee tried his hands at being a freelancer as a software engineer.

This freelancing period of a few months for Mr. Berners Lee eventually resulted in employment in a  European facility of Physics Particle Lab in Geneva also known as CERN, where his software “Enquire”   which was although dumped by for not having enough takers still manage to earn Mr. Berners-Lee a fellowship there.

A paper titled “Information Management (a Proposal)” was published by Mr. Berners-Lee in 1989, where the concept of Hypertext was linked to the internet to create a global system of sharing and allocating information and this did not just remain within the company but all over the world and hence was named  as “The World wide web” by him.

Work on worldwide web was already started in 1990 and was at that course of time only limitedly available within CERN, but the first browser and editor opened up in 1991 where the internet began its trial run, from the year 1991-93 Mr. Berners-lee constantly worked on designing and getting feedback from people all over the world. Subsequently, the world wide web consortium was founded by  Mr.Berners-Lee along with a Computer Science lab known as combined together with the artificial intelligence lab to become CSAIL at the esteemed Massachusetts Institute Of Technology in Massachusetts in the year 2003.

There are several host sites situated at MIT itself and also at ECRIM(Europe) and Keio University (Japan) apart from other offices across the world. The consortium is an organization for web which cultivates technology such as different specifications and guidelines and software’s and tools to make use of the web to its fullest capacity.

He became the holder of the 3com founder chair in 1999 and after was named as the professor of engineering and an appointment at the Dept of electrical engineering at CSAIL in 2008 and it is at CSAIL, where he currently heads decentralization information group.

He was named a professor at the South Hampton University in December in 2004. In 2006, he became the coordinator of the web science trust – a research initiative launched in order to create a first of its kind multi-disciplinary body to scrutinize, guide and offer solutions which are practical and much needed for its potential future use and development. In 2008, he became the director of a foundation b world wide web started in order to fund and synchronize efforts for better exploitation of the web  for the  betterment of humanity.

Mr.Berners-Lee along with his Co-author Mark Fischetti published the book “ weaving the web –  present, past and future). For his remarkable achievements Mr.Berners-Lee was knighted by  Queen for his services to innovation of web apart from several other awards.