Skype – Best VOIP Phone

There was a time when we could only imagine video chatting with our relatives and friends living on the other side of the globe. Video calling was only possible in science fiction movies or in our imagination. However, technology has changed the way we live and we think. Almost everything is possible with the help of technology. So, why not video calling? Skype is the answer for this question.


Skype is a communication freeware which allows you to video call any person you want. With over millions of downloads and 5 star rating, Skype is the undisputed king in the field of video chatting. In this post, I’ll let you know about the features of Skype and how to use it.

Remarkable Features of Skype

1. Skype has full of amazing features which make it one of the most used communication platforms in the world.

2. It is available on all major platforms. You can use Skype on your Android smartphone, iPhone, on Windows and even on your Mac as it can be used on mobiles, desktops and tablets.

3. Not only video calling, Skype also supports instant messaging and voice calling. A user can even use emoticon to express feelings.


4. The video calling and voice calling is free to use only if both the users are using Skype.

5. Skype also provides an option for landline calling at low rates for users who are not there on the Skype.

6. File sharing is one of the best features of Skype. It will handle all sizes of files that you PC will handle.

7. Another amazing feature of Skype is that it supports conference calls, video chats and screen sharing between 25 people at a time and all the process for free.

8. Skype is one of the most secured platforms for communication where your privacy is being kept safe and secure. All your files are encrypted before sent across the web and the receiving system decrypts them.

9. To provide quality audio phone calls, Skype uses whole audio spectrum and thus you could even get perfect clarity on conference calls.

10. You don’t need to send captured video or screenshot to the other user. Instead, you may share your screen with them during the voice call. Likewise, it is likely to share and Rename contacts.

11. Quickly editing the last message, changing text font & size, clearing history and hiding all the notifications are some of the notable features of Skype.

12. Best of all, Skype is easy to use which contains global Skype user directory to find the people you would like to speak with.

How To Install Skype?

There are various ways to install Skype on your device.

• Android users can download it from Google Play Store.

• iPhone users can download it from App Store.

Mac users can download Skype from official website.

• It can also be downloaded from the official website for Windows and Linux users.

• For other devices like Tablets, TV, X-box, you can directly download Skype from its official website.

• You can check the rates for the landline calls after selecting the country of usage.

How To Get Started With Skype?

Once you have downloaded the Skype, you need to sign in to use it. If you are an existing user, you can just enter your Skype Name and password to get going. If you’re a new customer, you have to create your account on it or you can just log in by using Facebook. You will have to enter a phone number to use the amazing features of Skype.

How To Make Video Call Through Skype?

It’s not a rocket science. You just need to follow below steps to use Skype for video calling.

The very first thing is to sign in with your account. If you don’t have, create one.


After logging in, search the username or real name of the person you wish to call and when you find it, click add.


Now you will be able to see a green button which says Video call, click on it and your video call will start.


On the video call screen, click on the red phone button to end the call.


Final Words:

Skype is free and easy to use. It has ability to beat Google + Hangouts and other VOIP services. It has outstanding audio quality and available for both Windows and Mac. Just try it once to know how addictive it can be.