SmartyDNS Unblocks Blocked Websites in a Second

Blocked Sites — as far as a normal internet users are concerned, this is a huge obstruction for their internet browsing experience. Obviously, geeks have different kinds of methods to unblock these sites like Proxy changing. However, in addition to those ‘geeky’ methods, there is an effective solution to access unblocked websites — SmartyDNS. In this post, we will have an in-detail review of SmartyDNS so that you can be clear on whether you should choose go for it. First, we shall have an introduction to SmartyDNS as well as how it works in order to unblock blocked sites.

SmartyDNS — an Introduction

Simply put, SmartyDNS is an easy-to-use solution for unblocking websites or services that are actually blocked in the specified set of regions. Unlike those geeky methods, SmartyDNS does not require technical knowledge from user, as there are dedicated tools and step-by-step tutorial setups available from the provider itself. For instance, as you may know, some services such as Hulu and Netflix are limited to some regions such as United Kingdom and United States and people from other countries would not be able to choose them [yet, quite ironically, we call Internet global]. The service we are talking of now, however, helps you do the actually-complex way of unblocking in a few seconds. So, it is preferable to explore different aspects of SmartyDNS rather than going ‘technical’, we hope — shall we start?


Wider Range of Support

When compared to other DNS unblocking solutions available in market, SmartyDNS has a wider range of support, for both devices and platforms. Talking of devices, SmartyDNS supports PCs, Smartphones, Smart TVs as well as Gaming consoles like PS3 and XBOX. On the other hand, when it comes to the case of supported platforms, the list is big, and it includes Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android etc. The best part of SmartyDNS is that detailed tutorials are available in support section of the website, meaning that you would be able to establish the connection even if the dedicated tool is not available. Additionally, you can have troubleshooting-based tutorials as well.

smartydns support

The Dedicated Client that Makes Sense

Well, yeah, SmartyDNS offers dedicated solutions to connect to your DNS server, for Windows-based PC, despite the availability of in-detail tutorials. We’d used SmartyDNS’s dedicated client for Windows PC and we were so impressed that we didn’t thought of uninstalling. Once you have given the SmartyDNS key, which you can get from client area of account, you have an option to choose desired server, Netflix zone and IP changing frequency etc and then switch on the DNS service. In seconds, connection between your PC and DNS sever will be established and there are no sort of limits! Moreover, we loved the user interface of SmartyDNS for Windows, which is as intuitive as possible in a way that you can get used to it in seconds.


Pricing & Plans

Along with its 14-day trial account that does not ask for credit card details or other confidential info, SmartyDNS has brought an affordable set of pricing plans. For instance, if you want to pay monthly, you have to pay $4.95 whereas a sense-making extension of 6 months will make that $3.99 per month and make the payable amount of $23.95. So, in this case, SmartyDNS is quite reliable as you can find the most suitable plan according to your requirement. Also, you can get a discount of 50% when you purchase second DNS package from SmartyDNS; plus, SmartyDNS offers money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Plus, if you are quick enough to purchase SmartyDNS, you can have a discount of 80% on monthly billing cycle of the service, as a part of SmartyDNS’s Christmas promotion. On the other hand, if you are going for higher plans, you can have a discount of 30% as well.

Our Verdict

In light of our experience with SmartyDNS, we can say that the service for you if you need an easy-to-use way to get access to unblocked websites in your area. And, in our experience, we did not feel a notable lowering of speed while we were connected to SmartyDNS. Altogether, it’s a steal deal, we bet!