Some Tips and Tricks for Extreme Couponing

If you are among those who consider shopping through coupons as a waste, you miss out on lot of savings. Trust us when we say that if applied judiciously, coupons can help you save great amount of money on every purchase. There are many online shopping websites offering free coupons online that facilitate making most out of couponing experience. The best coupons deal can be made only when the right tips and tricks are employed. Some of these are listed below:

Shop and Move Out

Sharing personal experience, it is always wise to buy the items planned in advance and exit the page as soon as the job is done. Staying online and surfing what else the website has to offer makes you susceptible to their marketing ploys and apply coupon in the wrong purchase.

Be Aware of Price Points

Before you shop for any item featured in your wish list, it is better to determine the different categories of price points appointed to each item. The price can vary from Average, Maximum, Deal to Stock-Up Price. In order to get most out of your most beneficial discount coupons such as Jabong coupons, keep a track of the typical price points that are associated with each item on a regular basis. If possible, you can list down the changing prices on each item that you would like you purchase applying the coupon available with you.

Some Tips and Tricks for Extreme Couponing

Set the Right Order to Apply Your Coupons

Although considered as a simple trick, it is sometimes overlooked by the most discerning shoppers. Make sure that you apply your shopping coupons in a certain order, For instance, you have the possibility to maximize your savings by inserting the coupon with minimum price before using other high value coupons.

Know the Website Coupon Policies

Each e-commerce website has a different set of policies for using coupons. For example, Flipkart coupons can have certain set of benefits which Jabong coupons might not feature. If you are clueless about any such policies then it is advised to confirm and ask the respective store authorities before you go ahead and apply your coupons.  Some of such policies are highly beneficial and yet not prominently advertised, which can help you save more money.

Stack Coupons

The permutation and combination of coupons issued is also helpful to reap maximum savings. For each item purchased, it is advised to use one manufacturer’s coupon in combination with a store coupon. Online it is easy to find store coupons, or these can be extracted from the weekly online mailers / flyers issues by your favorite stores.

Search for Stockpile Coupons

Apart from searching coupons online, there are better ways to trace and store stockpile coupons. If anyone in your circle save their coupons and are not eager to use them, you can collect the same and use for your shopping advantage.

Use Online Shopping Rebates

Many e-commerce websites these days issue online shopping rebates apart from the regular store and manufacturers’ coupons. These are favored to get additional discount on already discounted items for added shopping benefit.

Go Ahead and Sign Up for Online Store Savings Cards

It is wise to sign up for reward cards which are easily available at the online stores, from where you shop regularly or the most. The cards work in the benefit of regular online shoppers and endow additional savings. Signing up for reward cards makes you eligible to receive additional coupons via mails.

Take these tips into account while next time you log in for shopping online!