SQLBak Review – Keep Your Database Secured on Cloud

You may definitely be irritated when it comes to doing the tedious and time-consuming job of taking backups as a database administrator from server side one by one. Thousands of professionals are having the same problem like you.

I know that sometimes you might be wondering if there is a solution to keep this mess in auto mode while taking such backups. You may not have any option to get rid of it. But things could be automated, less complicated and faster. With SqlBak, it seems like your wait is over. It is probably the only tool that can put all your boredom to end.

It is the only utility to backup MySQL database either automatically or scheduled basis. You can also keep track on its performance. If server crashes or something wrong happens, it can restore your backup.

Here, we would discuss its features. With this tool, you can address all of your database needs, including server backup and management. With this tool, you can keep track on the progress and ensure constant availability. This tool can be used by an individual or organization. You can manage a huge database or several instances of the same.

SqlBak – How it Works?

This tool works in a very simple manner. It is a lightweight and small program to be installed on your PC. After installation, sign up on its official site and get your own personalized dashboard.

During the signup process, you will get a secret key to sync between your online account and your databases securely. Users can also link their account with their current cloud hosting account using this small utility.

If you don’t have any account, you can create a new account. To secure your data, you can use this account. If your database is corrupt, you don’t have to worry as it can restore your data backup midway.

The Setup Process

  • SqlBak works in a very secure and simple First of all, download the program.
  • After installing the program, sign up at its official site to get the secret key to build connection and continue your backup process.
  • If the above steps are done successfully, it will show a confirmation box. Accept this confirmation and click on “Add New Job” around the top right corner in your own
  • After adding the job, you may want to choose the server to keep up with and choose any medium of authentication, such as :
    • Windows Authentication
    • SQL Server Authentication
  • After successful authentication, click on “Test button” to ensure that your settings are doing well.
  • If everything is fine, it would ask you to proceed after configuring several parameters.
  • You have to configure several parameters, such as your cloud hosting accounts, email address, and others. You can set your email address to get alerts about the status of your backup and know whether it is successful or not.

  • You can have several cloud hosting platforms to choose from, such as OneDrive, Amazon S3, and Google Drive. It allows you to make sections and backup your data on your internal or external hard drives.
  • It also allows you to schedule the time and date of backup so you can backup your databases on time.


SqlBak – Interface

The software comes with very innovative GUI. So, even a first-time user can operate it with ease. It also features a wizard which is self-explanatory in itself. With the DIY wizard, users can easily understand how to do different things. With SqlBak you can have a dashboard which is pretty simple and self-explanatory. Here, every option is tagged with functions to make things simpler. You can configure your system with different functions like date and time, emails, etc. To set up all the things, it takes hardly 3 minutes.

Our Verdict

SqlBak is backed with high-performance features that are rare in this domain. In this tool, you will find a lot of flexible features to store and control database without any additional technical knowledge. Just sign up at the official website and use your mobile device to restore server data.  You should check their plans and pricing and decide the plan you want to subscribe. It is one of the most affordable services of this kind.

Though we have shared an overview of the tool which is enough to let you understand the way it works, you can go ahead and check this guide to make most of it.