Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Gone are the days when people used to go outside to do shopping. We are living in a world of technology where you can buy everything online. Right from a safety pin to car tyre and from grocery to furniture, everything is available online. With growing number of e-commerce in the market, getting things online is like a walk in the park. But, just like a coin has two sides, online shopping has also got its own pros & cons. So, when it comes to online shopping, you need to be sure that you are following the right steps and buying the right thing. Here are few simple tips for safe online shopping.


1. Always use the website which are familiar to you.

The list of websites which offers you a chance to shop from your home is big and it is getting bigger day by day. Keeping a track on websites which are actually true and which pretends to be true is a tricky task. So, the very first suggestion is to shop from the websites which are familiar to you. Just because a website is new in the market doesn’t mean it is trustworthy. Ask you friends and do a small research about the website before buying.

2. Don’t use a public or open Wi-Fi.

No matter whether you are doing online shopping or just filling out a simple form never use a public Wi-Fi in cases where you need to enter some personal details. It is very simple to hack into a public Wi-Fi and use the data for identity theft. So, it’s better to use your very own data or personal network for online shopping.

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3. Deals are not always attractive.

There are many places where you can get some exciting deals and coupons for some popular websites like Oyoroom Coupons and Ask Me Bazaar Coupons. Try to think it from a different point of view. Why would a company offer you a high discount without any reason? A slight discount like 5-10% is understood but, in cases of 50-70% cashback, things seem little fishy. So, try not to fall in the trap of deals & discounts until and unless you are sure that they are genuine.

4. Is the checkout page encrypted?

A safe & secure payment gateway is a must have thing for any e-commerce website. A safe payment gateway should be encrypted and most of the websites uses SSL technology to encrypt the data. The simplest way to know whether the payment gateway is safe or not is by checking the address. If it starts with “https:”, then go ahead as thing are clear and secure but, if it starts by “http:”, think again before checking out.


5. Always check terms & conditions along with return policy.

No one can take the guarantee that the product being shipped to you will reach in a good shape or not. There are many factors which can affect the delivery and the product. So, it is better to check out whether the website has a return policy or not? If there is, will the company’s representative come and collect the product or not? Just because you have a Flipkart Coupon, doesn’t mean that you should buy anything without checking the merchant’s terms & conditions.

Final Verdict

Online Shopping is becoming a new market place and the day is not far when local shopkeepers and merchants will totally diminish. But, it doesn’t matter whether you are doing online shopping or offline shopping, you need to double sure in both the cases. Just spend some time in researching about the product and the website before placing your order. Till then, happy shopping.