Tips to keep your family safe online

Kids surf a lot on the internet these days. A lot of stuff available on the internet is useful but as everything has its pros and cons Internet also has its consequences. Hackers keep an eye on your activities and hack your system which leads to leaking of sensitive information off the internet. If you want to keep your kids or your parent’s safe while using the internet you need to follow some tips as everyday hackers develop new exploits which will help them in making easy money. Have a look at some tips which will help you in keeping your family safe online.

internet safety

Secure Wi-Fi network

The first thing which you should do is secure your Wi-Fi network. Most of the people, these days use Wi-Fi due to the rise of mobile devices. If your Wi-Fi network is not secured intruders can use your internet connection and even use your bandwidth. They might also do some illegal activities and your IP will get logged in the records which will get you in trouble. Kids don’t know about the security of Wi-Fi routers, so you should use a secure authentication method so that only people who know the password can only access the Wi-Fi network.

Read Online Privacy Terms carefully

If you are going to register on any social networking website or any other website in particular they ask you to accept their terms and conditions. You should always read the privacy terms so that you know if the information you are going to share with them is going to be safe. Some websites may use your personal information which may lead to internet security issues like identity theft and phishing.

Always use Parental Control

In this busy schedule, it is very difficult to keep an eye on your children. There are a lot of parental control software’s which you can install on your computer and get better security not only for your kids but from other attacks and viruses by the hackers. Using Parental control software’s you can block inappropriate websites so that your kids are not having access to them. You can also monitor their daily internet activity which will help you and your kids in getting better internet security.

Always use safe passwords for your accounts

If you want to get full access on different websites on the internet you need to register for that particular website. While you are registering for your account you need to make sure that the password which you are using is secure and is not easily exposed to hackers. Always use a strong password with special symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. Always use a password which is at least 8 characters long.

Use Safe web browsing

Most of the people including your kids, grandma browse on the internet in their daily routine. Web browsing in today’s time is not also safe as there are a lot of websites which contain malicious data. By the means of phishing fake websites are created and hackers aim to getting the details of the user and using them for making money. If you are not using safe web browsing you might even download a malware which might completely destroy the operating system of your computer. For better internet security and safe web browsing you can always use internet security programs which will report you about all the malicious links.

Make sure the next time your kids or grandma is surfing on the internet they are keeping these tips in mind.