12 Viber Tips and Tricks for 2017

Viber is one of most used calling and IM apps around the world and people love it for the features and functioning that it has. Launched back in 2010, it provides more than what apps like WhatsApp have to offer.

From various different emoticons to stickers that you can customize and send. Viber has it all. It was also one of the first apps to introduce VOIP calling inside an IM app that few other apps like WhatsApp have nowadays. People downloaded it just for the sake of making calls on their internet connection.

Set the app to manage the notifications smartly!


We are presenting you the 12 best Viber tricks that You will love to try out

1. Switch chats easily in Viber

In other internet messaging app, you need to go to app’s home again and again and then switch between different chats of different contacts. But in Viber it can be done by following these simple steps.

viber-chats● Swipe in from the left and you will see the chats that are currently active.

● Just choose from the list of chats you will see there and you will be good to go.

2. Easily block a contact on Viber

Viber lets you easily block contacts in your list so that you can get rid of their annoying message of stickers once and for all. The procedure to block a contact in Viber is very easy.

block-contact-viber3. Block a contact

● Just swipe in from the right and you will see the chat options.

● Click the menu three dotted icons to bring up the secondary menu and you will see the option to block the contact.

● Just tap BLOCK and the contact will be blocked and you won’t receive any further messages.

4. Unblock a contact

● Unblocking a contact is easy as well.

● Just go to Settings > Privacy > Block List

● Now you will see the list of people you have blocked and you can unblock them from here.

5. Hide your Online and Seen notification

Both your online status as well as message were seen notification can act as “relationship spoiler” if you know what I mean. So, Viber gives you an option to disable your Online status and message Seen status. Take a look at the procedure below to know how to disable it.

hide-seen-in-viber● Go to Viber Settings > Privacy.

● Now all you need to do is uncheck Seen status and Online status.

● Unchecking these two things will disable these two notifies to the person sending you the message.

6. Turn off all types of Notifications

Sometimes you just want to stay away from social media and spend some time alone. These notifications from various different apps can be a problem in these situations. To turn off all notifications from Viber, just follow the steps mentioned below.

viber-notifications● Go to Viber Settings > Notifications.

● Now uncheck all the settings related to Notifications.

● Now that everything is unchecked, you won’t get any notifications from Viber unless you activate all the options again.

7. How to turn off Light Screen for Messages

The screen on your Android phone lights up every time you get a notification which is kind of irritating and acts as a battery hog. You can easily turn it off by going into Viber settings.
Follow the steps mentioned here.

turn-off-light-screen-viber● Go to Viber Settings > Notifications.

● Now just uncheck the option that reads Light Screen for Messages.

8. Delete Messages in the Conversation

Removing traces of the past sometimes becomes a necessity. Or maybe you just want to delete older messages, right? Well here is how you can do it easily.

delete-messages-in-viber● Just open the chat in which you want to delete the messages.

● Now long press on one of the messages.

● Select more messages that you want to delete and just tap the trash can button on the lower right side of the app to delete the message.

9. Change Wifi Settings for Viber

By default, Viber has its own Wifi profile which prevents Wifi from being disconnected while your phone goes to sleep. But probably you are having some other settings on your phone and Viber is interfering with it.
You can change the settings in Viber settings.wifi-settings-viber
● Go to Viber Settings > General.

● Now choose Change Wifi Policy and you will be asked to choose between two options.

● You can choose to either keep it connected even when the phone is asleep which is enabled by default.

● You can also choose to follow the device’s policy in which you might have altered the settings.

10. Doodle on a photo inside Viber

If you want to doodle on a photo you received or you sent to a friend of yours, you don’t need some other app in order to do it, just open the photo and tap on the three dotted icons for menu and you will see the option to Doodle on the image.


11. Access a chat’s media gallery

All the photos you receive on Viber are stored on your phone’s storage and they are available in your phone’s gallery. But if you are looking forward to checking photos or media sent by a specific contact, you can find it inside Viber itself.


● Just open a chat in Viber and swipe in from the right side.

● Now you will see an option named Media and after tapping that you will be able to check media sent by that specific contact easily.

12. Viber Smart Notifications

By default, Viber sends you a notification every time you receive a message and it doesn’t matter if it is the same contact that is sending consecutive messages, you will be notified of each and every message that reaches you.

An easy way to solve and reduce the number of notifications is to enable Viber Smart Notifications.

viber-smart-notification● Swipe in from the right of your screen on the chat you are currently in.

● You will see a checkbox for enabling Viber smart notifications.

● Check it and Viber smart notifications will be enabled.

Apart from these, there are many other Viber tricks that are really awesome, and fun to try. You will read more about those


These were the top 11 best Viber tricks that you can try out if you are an avid user of it. Viber has been offering the best VoIP services since long, and it still loved by many.