What Happens When You Delete a File?

The rectangular shaped Delete button on your computer keyboard can get your saved or unsaved file or document erased in fraction of seconds.  When you deliberately press the Delete button or the moment you right click over the file and choose delete option ,the file that you have created disappears rather gets deleted. Much to our surprise the life of the file doesn’t end here.  You can find the same file with content in the Recycle Bin folder, a default folder which is created on your desktop on installation of any operating system.

In case you have unconsciously deleted the file and want the file back in place, then you don’t have to be nonplused. The file can be got back to its original location by restoring it from the recycle bin. Now if you delete the file from the Recycle bin too then the file cannot be restored unless you use recovery software.


When you choose a folder/document/ file and hold the Ctrl plus the Delete button simultaneously the file will be deleted for good. And if you try to find the same in the Recycle Bin, you will find no clue of the deleted item.

Technically, in the former attempt to just delete a file will only move the folder/file‘s path to the Recycle bin and the path of the deleted item is saved in the Recycle bin folder. And in the latter attempt to delete the file will permanently delete the file path from the Recycle bin. And this could panic you for some time. In such situation all you can do to retain the lost file is to install recovery software which can scan all through your hard disk for your lost file.

There is a chance that your items get deleted permanently when the recycle bin are full and you have unknowingly attempted to delete your files/folders. The operating system flashes a mini window which cautions you if you want to delete the files anyway and by chance you happen to click yes then the files would not be available in the recycle bin for restoration. This happens only because the recycle bin is full and there is no place for any further temporarily deleted files.

As we all know very well that as we delete a file it is moved to recycle bin, Recycle bin technically is FIFO stack (First In First Out). In some operating system recycle bin will start disposing first in files and in some systems it gives alert to empty recycle bin.

Recovery software like File Recover, Recuva, Winundelete and Puran utlity software are available over internet for downloads. Many of this recovery software are not for free.  One will have to pay and use this software. Puran utility software is one of which is for free over internet and can be installed hazel free. Puran utility software is one such all in one software where you get a package of other software useful performing other tasks to keep your personal computer tip – top.