Wondershare Brings us a Wonderful Android Manager!

Wondershare, with the motto: Wonderful Software, Wonderful Life has released a truly wonderful app in the market, which is MobileGo. It’s a task manager app which works in a fantastic way to de-clutter your over worked android, increase efficiency. It simultaneously works on increasing the speed of your phone, because MobileGo knows how important your phone is to you and how you use it more often than using any other gadget.


MobileGo is an app for all kinds of people, be it android fans or serial texters. Want to know how the app will help you? Read on to find out more!

Love everything Android?

If you are one of the die-hard android fans, you just have to get your hands on this one. It’s one of a kind and sure seems like it’s here to stay!

App Junkie

So you download all the latest apps and games, your phone is always updated and you love rating and critiquing apps. MobileGo would be the ultimate app for you then because it helps you to download, install/uninstall and export apps quickly and easily and even transfer them to your Memory Card.

The one who is always humming a tune.

MobileGo also handles music and video files, instantly adding fun stuff to your day. It allows you to enjoy media anytime and anywhere and be thoroughly entertained!

Serial texters:

For people addicted to texting, with MobileGo you can transfer your contacts seamlessly and also text via your PC!

Now that you know how MobileGo is THE app for you, no matter if you are a student or a working professional, let’s explore some other features of MobileGo.

Never again will you lose ANYTHING!

Nearly all phones in the market today come with a Backup option that provides a safety net for all your important data. But this net has gaps, wide gaps which can make you lose your contacts or your reminders. Not with MobileGo. MobileGo creates a backup for everything that you choose, namely: contacts, your texts, music, videos, photos, calendars and apps.

And the best part? Restoring it just takes a Click!  One click and you are back where you left your work!

 Transfer like a Pro

With MobileGo, you get the freedom to manage all your media files like a professional. You can easily transfer files from your android device to your PC, wirelessly or with the USB cable.

Want to convert video formats and audio files? DO that and more in a jiffy with mobilego which supports more than 10 supports and converts files in a matter of a few seconds.

Respite for Apple users

MobileGo, unlike other apps also works with your apple devices. You can effortlessly import your Itunes music playlist to your Andriod device and also export music to the iTunes library.

Helps in Maintaining Contacts

Find it difficult to maintain your thousands of contacts? Your workplace contacts, friends, family members all demand separate attention and you might find i9t hard to keep track of all of them along with their birthdays and anniversaries and so on. MobileGo provides you a common platform to edit your contacts and manage them, it supports VCard files, Outlook Express, Windows Address books and many more popular contact formats, giving you unlimited access to handle your contacts the way you wish.

Too Many Apps?

In the current scenario, where you even have aps which remind you to drink water and count the steps that you take in a day, it is not surprising if you loose the app you actually need in an ocean of apps. MobileGo works as a manager for your apps, though it also allows you to download and install/uninstall apps on your computer, you can also create a bvack up for your favourite apps and transfer apps to Memory Card or to your PC.

Text via PC

The desktop SMS Assistant of MobileGo allows you to text via your PC. It provides you the following features:

  1. You can group text people.
  2. Save back-ups for important text in your PC.
  3. Manage phone calls directly through your computer!

The Web in your hand

MobileGo also works as an effective web manager, allowing you to club your favourite websites together, download apps and videos from various websites easily and quickly.

Wondershare trusts MobileGo to be immensely popular and knows that their product is going to be a hit, hence it even offers to pay back unsatisfied customers. So, what are you waiting for? Try out their free version today, and explore their exhaustive list of wonderful features and then go all out, and buy the full version. This is an investment you surely wont regret!