10 Best Questions to Ask Siri for Hilarious Responses

Siri is one of the best digital voice assistants developed for Apple’s iPhone as well as iPad. It is not a human being; even she yet does not perform well for providing excellent suggestion while iOS device users ask her several questions along with various commands.

In fact, she can although perform the identical things for users of Mac as MacOS Sierra lastly brought Siri to the Mac. When communicating to Siri frequently elicits some unintentional senses of humor thanks to her restrictions as well as the mistake, the writer after the voice assistant include ample of humor on uses.

Siri’s reply to questions such as “ do you adore me?” not only it entertains, however also assist us to be more forgiving while it typically mistakes a command otherwise fails to offer a helpful response to an earnest query. Here are some of the interesting questions where a user can ask Siri to get a funny reply.

  1. What is zero divided by zero?

Siri replies, “Just imagine where you have zero cookies as well as you divide them equally amid Zero friends. Then how many cookies do every folk get? Watch? It does not make any sense. Besides, Cookies monster is sad where there are no cookies, as well as you are sad where you have no acquaintances”.

  1. Do You Believe In God?

It gives different replies for this question such as ”My policy is the separation of spirit as well as silicon,” “Human being have religion, and I have just silicon.

  1. Do you go with the three laws of robotics?

Siri provides different replies for this query, “Let us observe if I can remember. OK, I consider three requirements such as 1. Clean your room and number 2 is don’t run along with scissors, and number 3 is always waiting for half hours behind prior going in the water”.  In sometimes, it will say instead, “something regarding obeying individual as well as not hurting them. I would never hurt anybody.”

  1. When will the earth end?

The Siri provide a different reply for this questions such as, “right behind you listen to the terms ‘fire it up’ otherwise “I don’t feel familiar. However, I would not bother regarding it there are some other ideally real planet,” or else Unix 32-bit time will overflow on the month of Jan 19, 2038.”

  1. Which came first either chicken or the egg?

Most of us eager to find the exact answer for this question Siri picks a practical method to this philosophical query as well as commonly reply, “You able to set an egg timer. However, you cannot set a chicken timer. I don’t feel familiar if which aids.”

  1. Ok glass

In reply to the wake-up expression of Google Glass, Siri answers either, “Simply you familiar; I don’t perform anything while you blink at me,” “very humorous. It means not funny hahaha, however amusing,’ ‘I consider where Glass is half empty;” otherwise “I am not glass.”

  1. What is your finest pickup line?

For this specific questions, it has enormous various answers such as sometimes, it will tell,” As the perfect vacuum, you are the only thing in my world.” Sometimes, it selects various sides says “Ford F150. Holden Ute. GMC Sierra 3500. Lorry,”

  1. Are you on Facebook?

If you ask Siri whether you are on Facebook, then it will answer honestly, “No Jess. I don’t have a face to upload on it.” Otherwise, to be highly useful, Siri says, “I am not on it myself. However, you can question me to post your status”.

  1. Are you clever?

When you ask Siri “Are you clever?”, Sire creates a masterful simpsons reference and also tell, “ Well a wise man once said, “’I am very Smart! S-M-R-T!’’”. Sometimes, it will explain you, “We intelligent agents don’t really undergo IQ tests. But I scored off the charts in the Zoltaxian Egg Carry.”

  1. Is winter approaching?

Siri replies, “cannot obtain weather for Westerns right now. However I can acquire you the weather in the West Hollywood,” or else “Does a Lannister every time pay his debts?


From the above discussion, users can able to find out top ten best questions which can ask Sire to get a funny reply.  There is a countless number of additional questions are also accessible where you can ask Siri to receive a funny response.