10 Free Android Apps for making calls

Free stuff always clicks on your mind and capture the attention fully. Today I am going to divulge something not very new but I bet many people still not up-to-date with this. You must have heard apps for making free calls but you still need to know that you have lot of option to make free calls. It is remarkably good if everybody able to stay connected globally without paying single penny.

Calling apps

Let’s have an introduction with 10 free android apps or you can call by it other name i.e. time-saving apps for making free calls:

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the mobile device optimization. The best thing about this you do not require username and password to login. One touch to your keypad can let you involve in conversation like texting, video calls etc for free. Millions of users are crazy after this app. Generally Google Talk apps lies in Androids by default if not then you can download it from Google Play Store.

2. Skype

Skype offers multiple services more than ant social apps. You can send different size of photos, videos, and files through skype. More add on functions of this app for making free calls in the form of face to face video and video calls and also send and receive instant messages. The all-in-one social networking app is having 500 million users till date.

3. Yahoo Messenger

This app is more popular in Asia. The free international SMS can be sent via Yahoo. You can make free calls and video calls easily.

4. Tango

The popular texting app is the winner of Best Texting App award in 2013.It is also easy to use and does not need username and password to login. Along with Free International audio and video calls you can also take advantage of editing photos with filters, sending cards to your loved ones and there are lots more as an additional quality in this app. Tango has a 100 million user. It can be usable in various platforms like Mobile, Tablets and PCs.

5. ooVoo Video Call

This app has a capacity to video call with upto 12 people at a time. Uninterrupted chatting, when your network sucks. ooVoo can reveal your friends profile on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter etc. It has 75 million users.

6. Paltalk

You can make free calls on video and can also show video over 3G, 4G or in WiFi. Paltalk  is very old app but the new features of the app make it more desirable among the masses.

7. WeChat

We Chat has managed to summon more than 300 million users. It can be connected with 40 people at a time. We Chat is also most wanted app for the instant text message and free video call. It also update your friends on what you have been up to by using text, photos and stickers.

8. Fring

You can use your phone number for login instead of username and password and this feature set this app apart from others. It allows you to make free calls up to 4 people at the same time which involves group calls, video calls and texting as well. It can be used almost in all platforms.

9. Viber

This app for making free calls is perfect and user friendly. Emoticons, sending stickers and so on can make your life easy and full of fun. You need not to go for a registration with this only you should have your phone number as an ID. Viber has 200 million users.

10. Line

Line has bagged more than 260 million users. It has fan following over 231 countries. You cannot only make free calls with this but also schedule appointments, video calls and share your location info. You can also add official account to get message from celebs.

These apps for making free calls are incredibly good and solve the purpose of many. Well there are free things that tend to be low priced or low quality but this is not applicable in the case of free apps for android or smartphones. It is now wrong to say money makes the mare go now you can enjoy more freebies with reliable apps.

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  1. Shiwangi Shriwastava
  2. Shiwangi Shriwastava