Best Hike Tips and Tricks

The smartphone is a highly advanced device that makes the communication easier. It not only lets you call, but it also brings the chance to the users to send a message instantly to your contacts.  You can find ample of messaging applications on the apps store, and many developers are bringing more apps which can make the communication easy. You can select from one of these applications and use it as per your requirement. Hike is one of the messengers made in India that is great for instant chatting just like WhatsApp.

Hike is one of the great messenger apps among the Smartphone users, and it introduces plenty of useful features that make the communication easier for the people.

The Hike messenger is being updated continuously, and it is gaining more users day by day.

The most highlighted feature of this app is Hike Natasha. It is an excellent addition with Hike messenger, and this feature provides more useful information if you require. Hike Natasha can tell lots of essential details regarding weather, books, movies, the meaning of many words and much more.

This best and highly appreciated Messenger application comes with lots of attractive features to give an excellent messaging comfort to the users. Here are some latest features and Hike tips as follow:

  • Coupons
  • Small sized news
  • Photo doodles and filters
  • Share files without the internet (offline)
  • Natasha (personal assistant)
  • Protect the chat by using inbuilt and secure pattern lock
  • Free SMS
  • Sticky for every messaging app

7 Tricks of Hike App

Hike app introduces a lot of new features to bring added benefits to the users. By using Hike messenger, you can enjoy numerous conveniences of communication. This article lets you know the best Hike tricks and secrets that will truly amuse you.

  1. Hidden Mode

In Hike, the user can hide their secret chat easily by using the hidden mode. Along with this, it also lets them make a unique pattern for hiding selected conversations as well as unhide them when they want back. It is an interesting feature of this Hike messenger.

  1. Hike Offline

The main highlighted trick of this messenger is it lets you use this app without internet connection, but this option is restricted to some features like video calling, etc. If you use Hike messenger, you need not worry about the Wi-Fi or internet connection rather you can send free SMS offline to your relatives or friends, and you do not need to worry about the data loss when you are using Hike.

  1. Chat Themes

Hike app comes with different types of unusual and most attractive conversation themes including best friends everlastingly etc. Users can select it according to their pleasant environment for spending time with their loved ones or best friends. You can utilize this excellent facility for your group chats as well.

  1. Attachments:

Many Smartphone users are worrying about the file sharing process. For eliminating this hassle, Hike Messenger offers the best file sharing facility that can help you to transfer different type of files containing 100MB of Docs, PDFs, MP3s, etc.

  1. Hike Pins

It is a unique feature of Hike Messenger that aids users to pin any chat message in their group. Hike pins also help the user to mess up any essential message in the group chat.

  1. Voice call

The voice call is an excellent Hike feature which is in the beta version. Still, it is awesome to try. You can make a voice call with your friends and enjoy clear communication.

  1. Stickers

Hike lets you send fabulous stickers to your Whatsapp, Facebook, Line friends. To avail this awesome service, you need to enable “Sticky” from Hike settings. Now open any messenger like Facebook, Whatsapp, Line, etc. and tap on the floating Hike icon which can be seen on the top of your phone’s screen. After entering the Hike hit the “Sticky” icon and enjoy the sticker sharing process on other messenger apps.


These are stunning Hike tricks of Hike app. The latest Hike features attract many smartphone users towards Hike messenger and encourage them to use it for communication.  You can find more Hike tips on the web. For getting more enjoyment, you can try all the stuff on your Hike messenger.