6 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that provides endless benefits to the users, and billions of people are using WhatsApp for communicating with their friends and family. Most of the individuals think that they are familiar with all tricks of WhatsApp, but this messenger application packs more tips and tricks as well as some features that are not known to every user.

The developers have added new features that make WhatsApp better than other messaging apps, and it is the fastest growing social networks that cover increasing demands of the users. This application becomes essential day by day in everybody’s personal and professional life.

You can find some WhatsApp tricks, which help you get the most of this app. These impressive tricks give you the freedom to communicate with others without any hassle and allow you to enjoy endless features associated with this powerful app. With this, you can share messages, videos, images, files, etc. With your friends, family or someone you need to share,

6 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

1. Read WhatsApp messages, but the senders do not find it out

When you use the WhatsApp, it enables all features related to messaging along with popular Emoji. If you wish to read the message without informing the sender, then turn on flight mode on your phone. By doing this, you can read messages, but the senders are unable to know that. When you read the WhatsApp messages by enabling flight mode, the blue tick will not appear, and the senders will not be informed whether you have seen their message or not.

2. No need for typing

If you on a hurry and do not have time to type message, then this trick is helpful for you, and it is considered one of the essential techniques for the users who are using WhatsApp as the primary chat messenger. When you tap on the message box, a mic icon will appear on the keyboard of your mobile. Just clicks on the icon and talk your message. When you speak, the words are automatically typed in the box, and you can send it to the users.

3. Listen to voice messages secretly without headphones

If someone sends you voice messages, you need a headphone to hear it. Luckily, WhatsApp packs a new feature that lets you listen to the voice message without using headphone and apart from you, no one will hear that message. You can place your phone on your ear just like taking a call and tap the play on your phone. You can able to hear it clearly without a headphone.

4. Show your status only to few members

WhatsApp status is a great way to share your mood, passion with others. You can update the status on your account regularly.  WhatsApp offers an excellent opportunity to update your status with photos, videos and more. Many people are sharing awesome videos and pictures with you. These may be used as your status, and you can get the facility to show it a limited number of individuals.

5. Use Filters before sending photos

When you send pictures to your WhatsApp friends, you can see a text with words “Swipe up for filters” You can see different filters while you tap on the text. So that you now you can send more than one photos inside an album. Unfortunately, this facility can be availed by iPhone users but hope developers will bring this fantastic feature for other platforms also.

6. Send Different Type of Documents Using WhatsApp

Now WhatsApp allows you send the various type of documents including PDF, PPTX, DOCX, etc. even you can able to share GIF files and your current location in your WhatsApp network. For sending a different type of files and location, just tap on “attachment” icon which can be found in message typing box and select what you want to send. You also can send GIFs which are already stored in your device. It is one of the best WhatsApp tricks that is essential for the folks who are using WhatsApp for professional purpose.

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From the above discussion, you can get some newest features which are considered the best features of WhatsApp and these features make the WhatsApp more popular among the users. To avail the new tips and tricks, you need to update current this application on your mobile and keep messaging to your WhatsApp friends by using new features.