Facebook Pro – Access Facebook Without Web Broswer

This post would educate you about Facebook Pro, a portable application to use your Facebook account without having to use a web browser. 

Facebook Pro is a desktop application for accessing the popular social network site, FACEBOOK. Facebook Pro for Windows allows quick access to your Facebook account and includes different modes like Standard, Lite and Mobile. The Lite mode is under the Extras button and a link at the top named Facebook Light will take you there. The Facebook Pro includes popular pages and the Facebook blog. This freeware gives you the option to stay logged in to your Facebook account. ‘Facebook Pro Extras’ button is a notable feature in Facebook pro that would help to load popular Facebook pages and the Facebook blog.


This Social and Communication software was developed by Regedanzter. The Facebook Pro software has proven to be official, secure and free. With this software, user can search the web and order unique Facebook accessories all from within Facebook Pro.The program is just a Web browser that displays Facebook and some other links. Facebook Pro also shows your Friends profile Pictures, sound notification and Vibrate. This software is faster and easier to use on your PC. Facebook Pro includes all the Desktop features. To use the Facebook Pro software application, you will have to install and run it with administrator rights.

Once this application got installed, it will take you to the Facebook log-in and sign-up page. Then you need to make your account to register yourself, if you are already a Facebook user, you need to sign in to Facebook as usual, and then you will be able to use this social network normally. After logging into your Facebook account, news feed, profile, and list of chat contacts looked exactly like the Facebook that you see and use in Web browser. A button at the top of the interface labelled Facebook Home will return you to your news feed from other pages, something you could achieve just as easily by clicking the big Facebook button in the upper-left corner of Facebook itself.


When you clicked the Facebook Pro X-tras button, it contains links to the Facebook Pages such as home page, the Facebook blog and link to books on Amazon about Facebook. Otherwise, you need to access all these pages by using your regular Web browser. You can also easily chat with Facebook Pro and it installs & uninstalls without any difficulty. As the Facebook Pro uses superfast touch user interface which has built-in photo uploader, it is being used by many people. This useful application shows the Live Tiles with Friends Photos & Unread Message Count and it also has animated backgrounds.

Features of Facebook Pro

• Access to Facebook without ads.
• Fast and easy to work with.
• Contains different modes and virus free.
• Enabled with hardware back-button navigation.
• No installation needed.

Final words

Facebook Pro is a handy application exclusively designed to use the Facebook without web browser. It doesn’t require any installation and hence you may carry this application on a removable device like memory stick. Just internet connection is needed to use your Facebook account. Quick accessing to Facebook account, portability and user-friendly interface are some of the highlights of Facebook Pro.

What is your opinion about Facebook Pro? Do you feel that it is a beneficial application? Share you views through comments.