How Can Forex Apps Help You Make Money With XFR Financial?

Getting started with the world of trading forex can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before, but it is actually easier than you might think, and with forex trading apps you can actually make decent money.

There are a lot of different forex trading apps to choose from for both Android and iOS, and these apps will help you to manage your trades and increase your income at XFR Financial.

What Apps Provide For Traders?

The apps offer a lot of nice quality of life features – they include the ability to trade on the move, as well as the ability to watch trendlines and track technical analysis factors while getting push notifications about things that are important to you – such as stop losses. As long as you have data, you can trade anywhere you are.

The important thing to note, however, is that the majority of these apps are offered only for Android and iOS. There are a handful of apps that are available for Windows Phone and Blackberry, but only some of the biggest trading platforms like XFR Financial are bothered about those markets since they are so niche. If you really want the best tools, then you will need to be running the right platform for them.

Perhaps the most popular app is Bloomberg’s offering, which is widely considered to be the best in terms of both ease of use and the quality of the information that it offers. The user interface is top-notch, and it offers the best balance of news (fundamentals) and charts (Technicals) out of all of the major contenders.

Trading With XFR Financial On The Move

If you want to trade on the move with XFR Financial, then XTrade is a great option. The desktop software is some of the most popular software in the world of Forex, and it is widely regarded as being the industry standard. The mobile version is much newer, but it is stable, fast, easy to use, and proof that the developers are committed to continuous improvement.

There is also the ‘’ app, which is offered for Android and iOS users, and it is often thought of as a must-have for traders because it provides live information feeds that are incredibly powerful.

In terms of simpler apps, the OANDA fxTrade app is a popular one, and it is useful for currency conversion, as well as for share tracking. It is a great app for live charting, buy and sell options, and more. The app can convert between 160 different currencies, and has both real-time information and historical data.

For iOS Users


If you are an iOS user, then the iTradeMobile app created by Apple is a good choice for XFR Financial trading. You can set up three CFD or PAMM accounts, and get real-time information from them. Since the app was made by Apple themselves, it is fast, fluid, good-looking and rock solid stable – something that you can’t always say about third party apps, especially for those that are offered on both the Android and iOS mobile and tablet PC platforms.