Google Accepts “rights to be forgotten” and blocks Europe Links

Google, the remarkable search engine has restricted access to BBC blog that posts different British newspapers headlines and stories under the legal granting the people a right to be ‘forgotten’. Google had made up its mind after more than 70000 people asking it to erase links about them under the banner ‘right to be forgotten’ reigning with some of the most popular and biggest news sites. Google has confronted this plea and has admitted that every individual is entitled to have links to details and information erased from searches under certain circumstances. And this holds even more valid if the information available is inaccurate, inappropriate and outdated.

Google had been pinged by more than 70000 requests to get their links and information deleted from all searches owing to the ruling put forth by the European court of Justice. However, people have posted dogmatic opinions about this action undertaken by Google and some even consider it immature. They have stated it as a burden on the search browsers and engines to comply with each and every unique request. They have also expressed staunch doubt on how Google will classify the links as important and worthless or outdated and inaccurate. However this step of Google falls in line with the rule of Europe’s International Court of Justice and hence stands irrevocable.


The deletion of search results about a hoard of millionaire bankers has entwined it in massive trouble as it led to financial crisis for them. It has erased a series of searches and stories from its results and created pandemonium. The removal of stories caused agitation and anger as Google refused to comment and reveal the identity of the requests. A story that highlighted a millionaire banker who had caused the global financial crisis was also among the series of searches that were veiled. Robert Peston, BBC Economics editor had also complained that Google had lynched this epitome of his journalism and had removed it from the results and searches in Europe.

The Guardian newspaper reported that it had notified that nearly 6 links had been deleted from all results of searches and 3 of them focused a 2010 controversy. The newspaper denied a request made to Google for deleting the link and chance to plea. The recent reports in Europe signified that Google has restored a few erased and deleted Guardian story links to its search results. This also indicated that California-based Internet titan was busy advancing the right to be forgotten procedure on the fly.

The European news fraternity and organizations had expressed annoyance on Google for removal of the links to stories. These examples give a picture of the problems that have risen to the growing requests met by Google and its actions. It has been compared to the books of libraries being dumped on dislike. Google, the worlds most popular and leading search engine admitted that each request to be forgotten wound now be scrutinized properly before categorizing it under the ruling criteria. Shall look into the matter more precisely and deeply and then start the action against removing the links from the resultant searches.

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