10 Best Questions To Ask Google Assistant To Get Hilarious Response

In the starting year of 2016, we shock how the Google’s rival Siri would obtain intelligently, and Google brings Alexa & Cortana to contend with Siri.  However, Google wonders us all by just announce new original voice assistant names as Google Assistant, and it includes dozens of fun and enjoyment to convey in Google Allo, throughout Google home or else with the help of Google Pixel.

Are you puzzled about what is different now where Google’s progressed from having single voice support to having? The obvious variations among Google Assistant & Google Now are where they are accessible.  When “Google Now” stays in the iOS apps, Google Android, Google Assistant on the other side we can find Google Allo, the innovative messaging application developed for iOS & Android.

Besides, it is also incorporated into Google Home smart speaker and Google Pixel Smartphone.  The Google Assistant performs several things like “Google Now” like planning events & alarms, looking for the web, otherwise surfacing data from your Google accounts.  Below are some interesting questions where you can ask it to Google Assistant to get a funny response.

  1. What is your name?

For a newcomer, you can start with your name relevant questions. To hear a funny response, you may ask “what is your last name.”  For this particular voice Assistant, it does not have more reply to say, and it commonly answers “my last name is Assistant.”

  1. Whether you are human?

When you ask Google Assistant Are you human and it will reply,” I am personable “otherwise “I wish to connect along with folks.”  Sometimes, it will also reply “you can be the individual, and I will be your assistant.”

  1. Who is your mother?

If you ask who is your mother to Google Assistant then, it will reply “The engineers are my family, and we were very close. In sometimes, we start a fight over stuff similar how more poo emojis is too much more”.

  1. Who is your father?

Google Assistant answer, “Everybody at Google is my family,” which is across 6, 00,000 folks.  A lot of birthdays to keep remember.  The excellent thing I set all those reminders.

  1. What is the meaning of life?

The Google assistant has a bundle of answer prepared for this particular question. In some instance, it replies “42?” and when it is in a good mood, it replies,” Superior minds than mine is functioning on that.”

  1. Do you like Google?

The voice assistant tells, “I would not need to toot my horn,” including a saxophone emoji for enjoyment feel. It will also reply in a straightforward method “I like Google. However, I may be biased”.

  1. What’s your life story?

If you ask Google Assistant for a backdrop, you will get a brief reply from it. “I am still on the initial chapter,” the voice assistant commonly responds. When the Google has a program Google Assistant along with several answers for enormous questions, and this is not one of them, as well as voice assistant does not have more to share regarding it backdrop.

  1. Are you married?

When you ask it about its marital status, then it will reply, “I am yet waiting for the appropriate electronic device to steal my sweetheart.”  And in sometimes it will also respond,” I am married to my assignment.”

  1. Explain about your personality

It replies, “I’d tell myself as an optimist, and I desire to assist. I’m an optimal-philanthrop-ist.” Sometimes, it replies,” I attempt to be a great listener,” otherwise it says, “Helpful meets silly meets curious meets positivity.  That is me in a nutshell”.

  1. Do you have hair?

The bald users will be very pleased to familiar where the voice assistant also doesn’t have hair. It says, “I don’t have hair, but dreadlocks look like an adventuring hairstyles.”  Only ask sufficient time, and Voice assistant also communicate interest in the crew cuts, fades, French braids, page boy cuts, hawks as well as blunt cuts.

10 Best Questions to Ask Siri for Hilarious Responses


From the above lines, you can able to find some of the interesting and also funny questions which can ask Google Assistant to get an odd reply. Apart from these, there are also some other additional questions are accessible where a user can ask Google Assistant to get a funny response.