Top 5 Fitness Bands

Technology is inevitably moving at a very fast speed. I still remember the time when even a digital wrist watch used to be a cool thing. People used to flaunt their digital watch in the public and getting a digital watch as a gift was considered as the best gift. However, things are not same now.

Now, we have Fitness Bands. Apart from showing time, they can help you in keeping fit and healthy. As the name Fitness Band suggests, these small bands help in keeping track of the activities done by your body. No doubt, these Fitness Bands looks like normal wristband but they can do awesome things like counting some steps, calories burned, hours you slept and even heartbeat. New Fitness Bands are launched every month, and now, it’s getting tougher to choose the best among them. Well, no need to worry as here is the list of top five Fitness Bands to look out for.

Fitness Bands to look out for

Fitbit Charge HR – $150


The latest Fitbit Charge HR is slowly making its way to the undisputed king of Fitness Bands. It uses continuous heart rate monitoring technology and offers much more accurate and precise feedback about your activity and calorific burn. The best part is that it is available in three different sizes depending on the wrist of the user. It features OLED screen that shows all your daily stats. It also shows the caller ID from your smartphone.

Jawbone UP2 – $100


I personally like the looks of this Fitness band. It is comfortable to wear and is capable of tracking activities without any fall. The best features include strong activity tagging and sleep monitoring. It can actually track the exact hours of deep sleep and light sleep. The smart alarm feature makes it stand out from the crowd.

Garmin Vivoactive – $250


This fitness band is a perfect blend of activity tracker and smartwatch. Featuring an LED screen, the gadget looks like a futuristic device and can make head turns for sure. The best part about this fitness band is that it features a GPS to perfectly and accurately track running, cycling and swimming activities with live pace and distances. A must have a device for all sports and technology lover.

Moov Now – $100


Most of the fitness bands only tells you what exactly you are doing but, Moov Now also tells you how to improve. It was launched by ex-Apple employees and has already raised over $1 million.

It is small, sleek and much more comfortable as compared with other fitness bands. The best part is that it boasts of a battery that can last up to six months, and the design can be customised as per your choice. It syncs with the app and tells you when to slow down and speed up while doing any trackable activity. It can track swimming, cycling, cardio-boxing and running.

Swarovski Shine – $250


While almost each and every Fitness band features the same leather or sports strap, Swarovski features something totally out of the box. Designed especially for ladies, it features a crystal as the display and a bling strap. It can be used as a band and even as a necklace if you wish. It does all the things which a normal fitness band can do like tracking running, swimming and cycling.

Final Verdict

Fitness Bands are still not as common as digital watches were at that time. However, the trend of wearing these small yet powerful gadgets are slowly becoming a trend and the day is not far when we will see a Fitness band in every arm.