Twitter Acquires an Android Lock Screen App, Cover

Twitter has acquired a very user friendly an Android Lock Screen App, Cover. You should not be surprised if I would say Cover is a mascot for Android. It increases your productivity and will add more value to the work with no give up with your customization.

Former Google employees have launched Cover in October 2013. There was a hub that how this app will be used by the social network sites. Though Cover team did not reveal how much Twitter is paying for the app and details of the deal. But it is said that app will be available in the Play Store. It also displays with six apps on the Android lock screen which has attracted many users whether you are anywhere like being home, office or somewhere else.


Features of Android Lock screen App

This app can be used by putting the apps you use on your lock screen for the better or easy access. It keeps the privacy of the users and provides contextual experience to users. The installation of the cover can make the access to use several apps and you can get the information directly from their lock screen. It can make you experience the different apps in different location for the users.

You will be more informed with the few examples which I am presenting below:

  •  It is a reasonable and easily accessible to different apps can be used from any spot.
  • Setting is good as it can set different ring tone and wallpapers or home, workplace and out and also in car.
  • Very frequent jump directly between the apps and this function cannot be seen in others.
  • If you are at home then you can easily access to game and entertainment apps and those apps can be seen on the lock screen.
  • For the users of office, the productivity apps can be seen on the lock screen directly.

The Twitter, like Cover has faith on the functionality of Android. The merger of the Cover and Smartphones can make the app more useful and contextual.

Cover is free to use and it is currently in beta stage.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook which mainly focus on personalized advertisement for their revenue, are looking for more integration between their services and Android. The openness and flexibility of Android makes it possible for third party apps to use vital parts like lock screen and notification shade in Android to promote services and content.

Facebook, last year came out with Home and Android founder with a unique user interface that keep Facebook content and services on the home screen of Android users. Though, Facebook Home has not been received so well. It can be possible that Twitter will use Cover for the same purpose. Twitter may come out with a Twitter for Android launcher and can give contextual tweets and direct messages directly to the lock screen for the users.

In this digital generation Twitter acquires and Android lock screen app is for the betterment of lives and for the easy and very useful in time saving life.